Regular guest of Popeye

Oh Popeye, how I miss thee!

Ever since I get to know Popeye,  I have completely switch my favourite food from KFC. Just in two months time, I have been patronise Popeye for many times, whenever if possible, sometimes even once a week. Because of this, I was also curious to try out different menu they have here.

We were told to try out their Cajun fries and it really tastes good, even beat Carl’s Jr. So now I will sure order a big one to satisfy our hunger pang.

I have long wanted to sample the fried shrimps which looks tempting on the photos, that’s why I ordered the seafood platter. Flavor wise I have no complaint, but pricing wise, yes i am, I don’t think it is worth the money we paid for 6 pieces of small shrimps only.

Same goes to this shrimps burger that really dissapoint us.

Ok, now I must ensure I stick to the fries, fried chicken and fish fillet only. Aren’t that what Popeye is famous for?


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