The evolution of wedding photos

Wedding photography started as early as 1840. During that time, photography is considered as something expensive that not many people can afford. Even till 1930s, our grandparents’ wedding photo was still taken in the form of painting.

Then black and white studio photo emerged and so are most of our parents’ wedding photos.

This photo is already faded, turned yellow and creased when I found it in my parent’s photo album. Thanks to the digital imaging process we have for today, now we can rescue this image with a little patience and creativity.

During this era (1970s), almost all the couples would take engagement photo too.

Until now my soon-to-be FIL can still fits into his kot suit.

A big question mark here. Why all the married couple wedding photos at this era looked so serious, as if they are not happy being with one another, unlike now? Why our parents don’t smile in their wedding photo?

Colour wedding pixs was introduced in late 1970s. Studio photography was still the only concept they have till outdoor photography emerged in late 1980s. Few years back, with the introduction of digital cameras, destination photography become popular among many couples. Places like Langkawi, Bali and Phuket are the top choices.

When our friends get to know that we are tying the knot soon, the first thing they asked is ‘already took your wedding photo?’. It seems like a kind of stress to some couples because everyone want to have the photos that carry ‘wow’ factor. So instead of studio or destination wedding photography, we opted couture style which normally only done for modelling shoot. It’s the kind of feel and creativity that make the photos be unique.

We were also lucky to receive complimentary studio photography session by Covershots. If my FW didn’t do additional selective colout touch up, I think this photo will look very boring.

Ok, I will be back soon and reveal the rest of pre-wedding photos. Till then… adios amigos.


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