‘Red Bom’ on its way

Another important task of wedding preparation is on right now – distribution of invitation cards (a.k.a red bom). We had just sent partial of the invitations via mail yesterday, and surprise to find out that postage is very expensive, 50cents for one stamp? That’s all because we have not been sending this type of mails ever since the invention of emails. We are glad that we chose to have a small and intimate wedding only, or else perhaps stamp alone can costs us a big amount. I was wondering what if my indian friend whom invited 500 people for her wedding would do if they were in our shoes.

Our invited guests come from everywhere in Malaysia, so we can only hand deliver to those whom we meet often.

We received many compliments from those whom we hand deliver the cards to. Traditionally Chinese will have only red colour invitation, as such, it is also known as ‘red bom’ because the recipients have to give ang pow in return. Although I am marrying a Chinese, but my FW is definitely the minority who choose to have the card match with our theme colour – Black and Pink. I love it too.

Inspired by a shopping bag, the design is personalised with one of our favourite pre-wedding photos. It was designed by her, maybe to indicate that she loves shopping and also the pinkish colour is her liking and the black layout color is mine.

Many also commented that this card looks expensive, but in fact, it’s FOC [ Free-Of-Charge ]. My FW just has to choose the materials and finishing, that’s all. It’s always nice to have a good friend in the printing industry.

Thanks ya SS and JL.


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