Wine & Whisky

Wine and whisky used to be part of my life during my younger days or the wonder years some might say, and yet i make myself sound so old which im not. That was the time when I can drink the whole night and still walked by the beach while my friends are unconcious in the hotel room. But ever since I met my FW, I already quit drinking years back and now, few glasses only can knock me down and give me a major headache.

Since our wedding dinner is western style, we have decided to serve only wine, not beer nor hard liquor like any other typical Chinese wedding . I have no idea how, my FW get to know the Finance Manager whom is the biggest wine distributor in Malaysia and we were invited to go to the warehouse today for tasting, multiple choices of bottles was put on the table, and eventhough i refused many offers to try, in the end i gave in and tried it out, the liquor and wine of the world. There are thousands of wine and whisky for selection, and the wine cellar that they have is definitely everyone’s dream wine cellar, including myself. Oneday im going to have the exact replica of their wine cellar in my house, a mini one would suffice.

Many always think that the more expensive it is. the better the wine. This is proven wrong when the wine we choose is the cheapest amongst all but it has a very smooth taste that you will never have enough of, i would know because i always try out all the wine i can get few years back, but i never tried a wine bottle that cost RM2000+. Well, at least another must do item on the checklist is ticked now, with a very good deal too that we can never find it elsewhere. I must say that we are blessed by the guardian angels or angel of luck, hope to receive many suck luck as this coming our way during this lifetime.

Good night y’all.


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