Happy Mansion

This is a long overdue post as the dinner at Happy Mansion was actually held about 1 month plus ago when our maid of honour Ms. Oh was in town for business trip. I still remember that it’s heavily rain that evening which caused me stucked in long jam driving back to KL and I was so cranky. I told Her Majesty that the venue she wanted to bring us must be a good one else I won’t be happy (Sounds like threatening!). Not to mention we got lost looking for Happy Mansion.

Ok let’s talk about Happy Mansion, a place that has been long existed in PJ but I didn’t know about it. It is actually a low cost apartment but have many good and famous eating places at downstairs. According to Her Majesty, there is a chicken rice shop here that is so famous till you must call in advance for pre-order, but that would be a different blog all together. Anyway, we went for Thai food at myElephant instead for our late dinner.

Apparently myElephant has different menu for lunch and dinner. This explains why Her Majesty didn’t manage to get her favourite Thai style lychee fried rice. To start off our dinner, Her Majesty ordered myElephant’s super cooler thirst quencher – Pandan cooler which is really refreshing.

Next came the myElephant’s Platter which include Tod Man Plah, PoPiah Tod, Golden Parcel, Prawn Wanton & Fresh Popiah.

There is a dish that normally is almost everyone’s must have at an authentic Thai restaurant but this is my first time trying it. Just take a piece of Daun Kadok to wrap with Coconut Crisps, Peanuts, Dried Shrimp and Assorted Condiments Topped with a Sweet-Sour Tamarind-Plum Sauce. This dish – Miaeng Kam can be very addictive!

We also had a try on the Panang Gai – Thai style semi-dry curry chicken with lychee that is highly recommended by the waitress. Appetising!

Something unique about myElephant is they emphasize on serving only quality Thai food with a healthy twist. One of the good examples is they only serve brown rice. Cool! This is definitely going to be my favourite eating spot in PJ from now on. However, this place doesn’t seems to serve any good Thai dessert and so we adjourned to another famous cafe called Food Foundry which is just at the another block of apartment.

The interior of this cafe might look too normal if u drive pass it but I was told that their dessert is one of the most famous in town. At first I was a bit reluctant to believe it, but I got to agree with it after i had a bite of their signature dessert – vanilla crepe mille.

The strawberry crepe mille is such a heaven too. Mille means ‘1000′ in French, so it translates to 1000 layers of crepe. The crepe are layered on top of each other till they form a cake. The cafe only bake limited no of crepe mille everyday, so be here early if you don’t want to be dissapointed.

Another slice of Chocolate Dream for someone who has sweet tooth like me. I can’t say that it’s not good but nothing can beat the crepe mille, you get what i mean.

myElephant: C-G-4 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Section 17, Petaling Jaya.

Food FoundryBG-8 Happy Mansion 46400 Petaling Jaya


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