In the mood of love

The second session of pre-wedding shoot immediately followed after trash the dress. Her Majesty always wanted to have something different, like night shooting which normally almost won’t be seen in pre-wedding photos. Inspired by a movie called In The Mood of Love, our photographer proposed the Shanghainese concept to us. This movie is also one of Her Majesty’s favourite movies too, starred by Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung.

At once we were having some issue with the Cheongsam and had to do some last minute shopping on that day itself. Luckily we still manage to grab a nice one from Emerald Brilliant at Jalan Imbi few hours before and even to get it altered. While waiting for the night time to be really dark, we adjourned to a cafe in Sungai Wang for dinner before changing and make up.

Our make up artist is so kind to bring some props. I really look like a gangster boss, cool!

This restaurant’s ambience is perfect for the feel we want, but it is chargeable. We were told that they serve good Nyonya food, should give it a try one day later.

Not long after that the lady boss came out and told us no photography is allowed. Then we moved to a back lane which is also known as prostitute street.

All the photos are really giving us the mood of love. As you can see, lighting played an important role in this session to create that special feeling and it is indeed a good masterpiece of art photography.

By the way, we just found out that apparently a couple is doing the same concept like what we did, the best is the bride’s cheongsam is also very similar to Her Majesty’s. Even though they copied our ideas, we are happy still to be the pioneer. If we are not doing well who would want to copy us? Thanks again to Louis Loo of Deviews Production.


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