Honeymoon in Taiwan – Chapter 1: Here we come

Wedding is once in a lifetime experience but is also a tiring journey. Normally not many couples will go honeymoon right after the wedding…. but, don’t you think the newly wed deserve a good vacation right after the wedding to spend some good quality time together? That’s the real meaning of honeymoon.

At first I thought I can’t take a long leave, so Taiwan is the nearest place that we think we can go. Many people are asking ‘Why Taiwan?’, ‘What’s so good about Taiwan?’. Seriously, I cannot answer these questions before this, but now I can tell you that this is the best country we have been so far. Even better than Hong Kong!

Flight to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport took 4 1/2 hours. Both of us were just so sleepy cos didn’t have enough beauty sleep for few days already. Her Majesty who normally cannot sleep in the flight managed to take a short nap while I was enjoying watching in-flight movies. We were very hungry too, no breakfast and lunch yet, plus two days before we didn’t really get to eat as well. So when the dinner was served, we were just like a hungry ghost…

We touched down at Taoyuan by 8pm local time

Picked up our luggage then met with the driver who sent us to our so called ‘daily rent apartment’ aka ‘honeymoon suite’. I thought it will sure look like another backpackers place that we had been to before but out of our surprise, it looks even greater and better than a hotel room

It’s even equipped with washing machine, fridge…

The bathroom


It is just a studio apartment, with tight security. Yet we are only paying NTD1350 per night. OMG! This is soooo unbelievable that makes our honeymoon extra sweet. Perhaps it is too comfortable, so Her Majesty slept immediately while I thought that we can go out jalan-jalan cari makan. Left me alone with a tv that has more than 130+ channels to browse through… till I fell asleep. First night in Taiwan & first day after our wedding.


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