Wedding Bliss: Chapter 1 – DIY Wedding

The marriage preparation started at about a year ago after my proposal. We didn’t want to have any engagement as to us, it’s a waste of money. My in law also told us not to spend on such unnecessary thing. Talking about engagement, we realise that we Malaysian always have that kind of mindset like it must be a ceremony followed by party. But in fact, engagement means the moment when the marriage proposal is accepted by the lady. That’s the time we called ourself as engaged couple.

Well, everyone knows that we are both from Kuching so they thought that we would have a wedding in East Malaysia instead. Putting many things into consideration, we decided to have it in KL instead. Of course, this plan of ours received many negative feedback from my family. Seriously, budget can be an issue if we have to do wedding in both KL and Kuching. Like that we have to spend on three receptions, one traditional chinese reception for her family, one reception for my family and another one in KL for our friends. We really don’t want to go into debts because of a wedding, we would rather save for the house and our children in the future. After all, wedding is for a day while marriage is for whole life. Getting blessing from my family really make us stress but sometimes, we really have no choice but to go against it. There is no way that we can please everyone, unless if we do not want any baby. But, the reason why we want to get married is also because we want to have our own baby. Her Majesty even suggested just to do civil registration only, again, I know that my family will sure complaint about it. So then church ceremony came into the plan, with no dinner. I know also this won’t be acceptable, so in the end we had a small reception for immediate family members and close friends only.

So obviously, we are having a budget wedding. In law was so happy when they know that we finally decided to tie the knot. The only thing they said is ‘just go ahead and do whatever both of you like, as long as you’re happy with it.’

Throughout a year of preparation, we are blessed in many things. Despite event planning is her expertise, through her network of friends in the industry, we get to enjoy many special privilege.

After many months of waiting, finally the day is coming. My matrimony leave started two days before the wedding but we were just too busy going around KL and PJ. Collect wine, last minute shopping, final meeting with the restaurant, her majesty’s henz night (which she was really gone after 4 glasses of evil liquor ordered by the ladies), arrival of family members and friends, finalizing guest list, collect gown and tux… as the list goes on. That’s probably the only time we think that 48 hours is not enough at all and i regret not taking 3days leave instead before the actual day.

The day before, everyone woke up very early and went to the wholesale florist in Petaling Street. Seriously, we all looked very tired yet excited. Church rehearsal which was 3 hours long took place after that. Uncle Brian was so kind and patience briefed us on each single details like how to hold hands, how to walk, where to stand, etc and etc. We all know that Fr. Daniel is very strict when comes to the rules, so that’s the first time the bride started to feel the stress of being bride. Same goes to the groom and the rest who involved in the rehearsal. Not only that, KL’s traffic was very bad as well, yet we had to rush for many things.

Anyhow, we are glad to have bestman / groomsmen, maid of honour / bridesmaids who were with us for the whole day and helped out in anything that they can, not to mention none of them even get to have proper meals or sleep well. Thanks everyone for everything.

Our following posts will be talking about the wedding details and etc. It’s about a month already but it’s just like yesterday. Hopefully our story can contribute some ideas to those soon to be wed couples who wants a memorable day, but with limited budget. DIY isn’t hard at all, as long as you’re willing to do it. All the best & congrats!


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