Wedding Bliss: Chapter 3 – Wedding Flowers

Its life span is very short, but without it, the wedding might not be that colourful and beautiful. This explains why the florist is charging the couples a big bom for wedding flowers. So again, her majesty decided to do everything by ourselves, with the help of friends.

To make sure that everything is ok, we went survey around the town for cheapest wholesaler and bought some flowers home for trial arrangement. I didn’t know that it’s that simple and easy, just that unlike in overseas, Malaysian still pays florist for it.

A simple pinky hand bouquet for the bride that she done it for herself the night before. It can costs at least hundred over for a florist to do it, but now, it costs us less than twenty bucks. If we never tell, none will know that it’s not done by professional because it looks so good.

All the bridesmaids also did their own hand bouquet. None of them had done it before, just trial and error till they are satisfy with it.

Car decoration was done by a good friend of us who is so experience in it. Something simple and match with our colour theme.

Among all, corsage is consider the most difficult to make one. I didn’t want her majesty to get too tired, so just get her to do it for both parents, bestman and groomsmen.

The most unique arrangement is definitely the flowery ring pillow. It became a hot cake after the ceremony, it’s just went missing right after that.

We save a lot, but still we can have all things good. Bravo to the bride and friends. You gals can now starting your florist business.


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