Wedding Bliss: Chapter 5 – Wedding cake

The wedding cake has been an important part of the wedding celebration since Roman times when a thin wheat cake, representing bounty, was crumbled over the bride’s head to ensure her fertility. Traditionally, cutting a wedding cake symbolized the first joint task of bride and groom after tying the knot while feeding cake to each other is a symbol of the commitment the newly wed is making to each other.

Until today, cake cutting is still one of the agendas in any wedding ceremony. From a simple one tier cake, it has evolved into multi-tiered that we usually see in today’s wedding. Although real wedding cake and cupcakes is getting more popular, many couples will still opt for a mock wedding cake that is provided by the wedding venue.

Her Majesty attended a cupcake baking and decoration class before. So her initial plan was wanted to bake her own wedding cake. But she has no choice and to let it goes as there are too many DIY projects in hand already. She also doesn’t want any mock wedding cake that we can’t keep or share with guest. And that’s how we engaged her bakery teacher Nicholas to do it for us.

The bride has specifically wanted the cake to be decorated in black and pink to complement the wedding theme. We choose to have vanilla cupcakes for the lower tiers so we can just get the restaurant people to help us pack and give it away to our guest as wedding favor.

While for the top tier, it’s a 3 kg fruit cake with marzipan and fondant. Fruit cake is always an expensive choice but it’s also the one that can last for years if is frozen properly. We still have a few slices in our freezer which we are keeping it for anniversary. Oh well – it’s a tradition in Western culture. The cake topper represents bride and groom. Luckily it didn’t go missing after the dinner because we are just borrowing it from Nicholas else we have to pay him few hundreds ringgit.

There were no leftover of cupcakes at the end of the dinner. We even had to ask my mother in law to give us two pieces that they are suppose to bring it back to Kuching. Even though it’s a quick bite at KLIA on the next day, it still tastes good and satisfy our hunger for own wedding cupcake.


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