Wedding Bliss: Chapter 6 – Crash The Gate

I still remember that there was one time I was telling my family that I will go pick up the bride on the wedding day.Me and my bestman / groomsmen (a.k.a brothers or hengtai) are required to go through some challenges (crash the gate) given by the maid of honour / bridesmaid (a.k.a sisters or jimui) before I can see the bride. One of my family members immediately replied that it’s so Chinese. But in fact it’s not.Based on our understanding and google research, picking up the bride is part of the Chinese tradition but crash the gate was only introduced in 90s. The best is, it’s not started in anywhere of China but Singapore. It’s more like a game session to make the day be more merrier rather than any tradition. Although this idea seems to be a custom of Chinese today, still there are also Chinese who don’t practice it.

Our pretty maid of honour was kind enough saying that if I gave them a big ang pow, me and my hengtai will all be safe. She will just open the door and let us come on. A Chinese friend of us who is dating a Malay guy said her bf can’t wait to do this during their wedding. If a Malay also insist that crash a gate should be incorporated into his traditional Malay wedding, how can I say no then? Moreover, it’s also a good photo opportunity.

The door was closed when we arrived at Her Majesty’s place. In order for the jimui to open the door, I gave them an ang pow. The first ang pow is filled with rupee so for sure we got rejected. Another ang pow again till they are happy with the amount given.

Our first task was to drink 4 glasses of beverage, each with different taste – sweet, bitter, bitter and spicy. After I had few sips then someone came and said the groom isn’t suppose to drink, so my hengtai had to finish all four glasses. Poor Will puke after drinking spicy tomyam and curry plus vinegar.

This is Pit’s 30th times becoming a hengtai, so before that he is very confident that he can handle the tasks given. Anyhow, we must have underestimated the bride and her jimui who spent months on brainstorming what games to have. The second task is really a challenge for my guys, they were asked to find a pair of earing from the flour. No hand or other tool can be used, just blow till u see it.

I must say Pit and Alex did a great job. The flour is mixed with curry powder, pepper powder, paprika and chili powder. Isn’t that a crazy idea?

The game isn’t over yet. During the third task, I had a Q&A session with Jenn. Various questions that are related to Her Majesty were asked, if I get the answer right, I can go three steps up, else the ladies will wax our leg hair with masking tape (mistake of the girls, masking tape doesn’t even hurt).

Me being me, always very forgetful and didn’t manage to answer half of the questions correctly, luckily it doesn’t hurt at all as the girls make a mistake by using masking which isn’t painful at all when they peel it off.

Poor Will became the victim again on the fourth task. This round, a cold boiled egg that’s kept in the fridge overnight was given to us. Alex and Pit have to transfer the egg through Will’s pants from left to right. Just use your imagination to think how it feels.

The game isn’t over yet although we’re running late. It’s just a simple and quick makeover with fresh flowers, which make us all look so pondan.

Last but not least, the jimui asked for ang pow again. We gave them the last ang pow we have, then suddenly the bride requested me to sing a song. Oh gosh…. Suddenly I can’t remember how to sing George Benson’s Nothing Gonna Change My Love for You which is very meaningful to us… so I can only sing her ‘Only You’ till the door is opened and seeing her in wedding gown for the first time…

I know there are certain grooms who are so afraid of crashing the gate, but frankly, I have no regret doing it. You will get to discover more about the brotherhood and sisterhood that is even more precious than the fun we had together. Afterall, you’re still the winner who walk away with the lady you’d spend the rest of your life with.


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