Wedding Bliss: Chapter 7 – Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

This marriage of ours is a mixed marriage. Why I say so? Well, first of all, I am an iban and Her Majesty is a chinese. I am an Anglican while she is a Catholic. To overcome all the cultural / religion difference, we decided to have a modern wedding instead by not following any tradition, except the tea ceremony as my in law wanted to present us the wedding gifts. While for the religion part, it’s not an easy matter. To us, although we are from different church, still we are believing in one God only. Her Majesty never ask me to convert at all, she said I would do so if I am touched by the Holy Spirit and it should a calling from God, not anybody else. But for a Catholic to have a wedding in non-Catholic church, we will have to go through those procedures which we found it to be very troublesome. This is how we ended up decided to tie the knot in Catholic church instead.

As part of the procedure, both of us attended the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) in August 2009 at St. Joseph Sentul before went for pre-nuptial inquiry at Holy Rosary. The journey wasn’t easy at all, but thanks be to God, we went through everything and overcome all the obstacles. This is why Her Majesty always says that the most meaningful and important agenda in our wedding is the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (church ceremony) where we are united as one body, in God’s house.

The bride of 9am session was so kind to share all the decoration with us.

Holy Rosary is the only Catholic Church in KL, left standing with awesome interior.

Normally the bride and groom are suppose to go church separately. Again, we did it in a different way, where I drove my lovely bride to the church.

My FIL walked their only child into the church

Then he hand over the daughter to me

My colleague Ezra did the reading for us

Msgr. Daniel officiated the sacrament. He is very strict but very friendly too.

Saying ‘I do’ in the presence of God

Exchange of wedding ring

Unveil the bride

Nuptial blessing for the newly wed

I cannot receive holy communion so Msgr. Daniel just blessed me

After that we proceed to the side table for signing of the marriage register. As predicted, Msgr. Daniel asked is that all about my signature.

Photo session before marching out. As mentioned earlier, HRC has a very strict rule for wedding and this is a very good example, only 3 shots are allowed in the church before march out – newly wed with the celebrant, newly wed with their parents and celebrant, newly wed with the wedding entourage.

Now we are officially husband and wife… the joyous moment in our life!

Group photo session with friends and colleagues at the outside of the church.

The bride tossing her bouquet. Normally the ladies will fight to grab it but surprisingly, they didn’t. As if they all want to stay single for the rest of their life.

Now is the groom’s turn. Who says groom cannot toss the bouquet for the guys? Nothing wrong right since we prepared extra bouquets for tossing.

We went into the church for more photos with family and friends before a closing portrait shot with Louis. Actually many of our guest never attended any church wedding before and this was their first time. Although most of us are typical Malaysian who are always late, we are still very happy to see you all here with us. May the love of Jesus Christ be with you all always!

On a separate note, just to share with you on our selection of hymns for the ceremony.

Bridal entrance: Canon in D Major

Entrance hymn: O Perfect Love

Responsorial psalm: As the deer

Communion hymn: Spirit Song

Thanksgiving hymn: Shout to the Lord

Signing of the marriage register: Ave Maria (Solo)

Recessional music: The bridal march


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