Wedding Bliss: Chapter 8 – Garden Reception @ Passion Road

Both of us didn’t really survey around town for the right reception venue. The main reason is Her Majesty already stated that she doesn’t want any typical wedding banquet in a Chinese restaurant nor hotel ballroom. So only choice left is romantic garden wedding unless if we want to make all our guest to go Port Dickson which is an hour drive away for a beach wedding.

The idea of garden wedding has been introduced to Malaysia for years but many people still prefer an indoor wedding where you don’t have to worry about the weather. It can spoil the plan if it rains but we also believe that our prayer will be answered by God.

Given limited venue choices, our decision to choose Passion Road is almost confirmed when Her Majesty first brought me there (or should i say she already decided to choose Passion Road when she first went there at two years ago?). To secure the venue availability, both of us were so ‘kia shu’, booked and paid deposit immediately, even before our pre-nuptial inquiry and church booking.

The colour of table clothe, table runner and chair ribbon express the theme well.

Her Majesty emphasized that she wants something that’s contemporary yet elegance for the decoration. Oh yes, she is definitely a very fussy bride to work with but the in-house florist of Passion Road really did a very good job on this too as the bride has no complaint on anything at all. It’s just such a beautiful whimsical garden wedding in the city center of KL. So romantic. So chic.

For something different, we choose to serve Western buffet so to save the hassle of calling everyone to confirm their choice of main course or worry that the set menu cannot please everyone’s palate. Everyone seems to enjoy it more when they can just move around freely.

We received many compliments from our guest on how different and lovely is our wedding reception from the others. The venue, decorations, food, wine, entertainment… etc and etc. The weather was very hot that day, but it doesn’t stops our guest from enjoying themselves, everyone had a memorable Saturday night with us. It’s extra meaningful to hear such compliments from some of our friends who are regular guest of glamorous society event in town, and two professional wedding planners. The biggest satisfaction ever when the bride’s dream garden wedding comes true.


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  1. gen

    hi, i’m planning to have 1 in passion road too.. can i get some info from you about hw much u spent on this wedding dinner.. coz i totally no idea hw much a wedding dinner lik this can be .. thanks

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