Honeymoon in Taiwan – Chapter 4: Going around Taipei City

Hi, I am back again on our travel journal in Taipei. During the last chapter, it’s mentioned that we went for half day city tour in the morning of our Day 1 in Taipei. Well, the tour has not ended yet…

After lunch, we proceeded to National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. This hall was mainly built for displays of revolutionary events of the national father at the end of the Qing Dynasty. But today, it became a multi-purpose social, education, educational and cultural center.

The statue of late Dr. Sun is located at the main entrance hall. I told myself, if my brothers was here with me now we would appreciate this statue because i only know of Mr.SYS from my old time favourite movie, “Once Upon A Time In China” Starring Wong Fei Hong. How come there is no museum made for him?

Every hour, there is a formal changing of the guard. These royal guards skill with the rifle is nicely done, even after the presentation is over, they would stand for hours until they are relieved for the next event showing their respect to the statue.

Photography is prohibited at most of the exhibition halls, except certain areas of the prison exhibition and i got the time to pose with one of the thing they used for criminals. One of the guard who was patrolling the museum area looked at me and smiled, yet he have that look that says, “You do something bad here in taiwan, you will know how it feels.”

We forgot to snap a photo of the building exterior because the weather was too hot like an oven that can cause sun burn. We then adjourned to Wu Fen Pu, the largest fashion wholesale market in Taiwan, which is also the favourite shopping spot of many celebrities. Bargain is a must here but you must also know how to speak fluent Mandarin or Hokkien.

It’s truly a shopping paradise for the ladies but luckily Her Majesty was not in the mood of shopping for clothes and accessories. All we were looking for are food, food, food… high tea time.

Taiwan version’s apam balik comes in few choices in terms of its filling – red bean, peanut, black sesame, you would think it would be the same as Malaysia, but how wrong you are going to be when you buy it.

Sotong ball is good; pork’s blood is really disgusting, i ate it once, and that was it, good for one try only. Next trip to taiwan, no more Darah Babi for me, forgotten how my iban ancestors / heritage can eat such things.

Sichuan hot and spicy siew long pau, not to be missed which taste extremely good but due to saving our stomach for other food we only got one.

How can we leave Taipei without visiting Taipei 101 (Taipei Financial Center)? View from Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

View from street level

Taipei 101 is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District. It was the world’s tallest building since its opening in 2004 until the emerge of of Buri Khalifa in Dubai in 2010. the tower is adjoined by a multi-level shopping mall.

The entrance ticket to the indoor observatory is priced at NTD400 per person which is a bit too pricey, not to mention we lined up for more than half an hour just to get into the elevators. The elevators sweep visitors from the fifth floor to the 89th floor observatory in only 37 seconds.

The Indoor Observatory stands 383.4 m (1,258 ft) above ground, offering a comfortable environment, large windows with UV protection, recorded voice tours in eight languages, and informative displays and special exhibits.

At the 91st floor is the outdoor observatory, at 391.8m above ground. It is the second highest observation deck ever provided in a skyscraper.

View of Taipei 101 at dusk, it’s not even 7pm yet when these photos were took. Just in case if you don’t know, the skyline in Taiwan looks like 7am in Malaysia at 4am+, so it also turns dark very early in the evening.

Busy city after office hours, and still quite fascinated that the taipei tower is higher than the KLCC tower i have back in Kuala Lumpur, but since this tower was made years after the one in KL, i will forgive my own country, else i would say “Lousy lar saya our malaysian tower.”

Ok, this day is ending soon. Now is time to go back our apartment, have a rest before start to attack the night market. Catch up later and looking for something i have been trying to look for ages.


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