Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 5 – Shida Night Market

From the map, the apartment that we are staying at is just two streets away from one of the famous night markets – Shida which is popular among the local. Who knows, we only reached the destination after almost 40 minutes walk, we were originally told that it was nearby by some local person but to our dismay and complaints it took longer than that. Shida NM is located on several back lane behind the main street and it’s main for the local, not tourist so there is no direction signage as well and we can only ask the local for help. Don’t be surprise if you bump into any celebrity, not the hollywood or famous celebrities, just the ones you find in the local taiwan dramas.

There are many food stalls here, we were spoilt for choices. Not to waste the time, we just target at the stalls selling what we don’t get way back in our hometown. So authentic Malaysia curry is definitely not what we will try.

I first experience how sweet are Taiwan girls when we bought a drink here. A sweet girl accidentally poured her drink on my leg, she kept apologized to me and even gave me tissue. Somemore her voice is so sweet and soft. This is the only place where nice sweet chinese taiwan girls can be found and i do recommend those guys who are single and want a chinese wife or girlfriend, to fly down here and start looking.

Taiwanese loves to have those braised pork innards, tofu kind of stuff. The lighting at this stall was very poor, so we can just simply pick and choose, not knowing what is it.

Salted boneless shredded chicken with secret sauces and chili. The queue at this stall is always long and the preparation seems to take long time too. Not something that I will crave for more but at least i tried it.

Her Majesty has long heard about ‘big sausage wrapped small sausage’, but never see it before. She ordered two sets, one for herself and another one for me because she thought that it’s just any normal sausage. Till then when she saw that it’s actually sausage wrapped with glutinous rice… well, it’s too late already.

There are still many food that we wanted to try but there is no way our stomach can still take it. Well, the night is officially called off now, after a day of walking and eating and digesting the food on the long way back to our room. Good night!


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