Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 6 – JiuFen

I was very excited when I woke up to the second sunny morning in Taipei. Today, we are going to take the train north to a small mountain town in Taiwan called Jiu Fen (which literally means ‘nine portion’ in mandarin).

Understand that during the early years of Qing Dynasty, this village houses only nine families, thus the village would request “nine portions” every time when the shipments arrived. And this is how this village gets it name from.

In 1893, gold was discovered in the area and the village was developed into a small town and reached its peak during the Japanese era. Gold mining activities slow down after WWII and the mine was closed in 1971. Jiufen immediately became an unknown town again until 1989, a movie director Hou Hsiao-Hsien filmed a movie “A City of Sadness” there. The nostalgic scenery of Jioufen as seen in the film, as well as appearances in other media, charmed many people into visiting Jioufen.

The easiest way to go Jiufen is via train to RuiFang station.

We then dropped by at the food stalls around the train station for breakfast.

Oyster Mee Sua (the stall is just next to the train station) – This is certainly the best mee sua we had in Taiwan so far.

Egg pancake – It looks simple, but the soya sauce give it extra aroma.

Then, we hop on to the bus heading to JiuFen, which is about 15 minutes away. The town of Jiufen is built into the side of the hills slightly inland from the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Jishan Street, the busiest commercial area in JiuFen. There are hundreds of stalls selling food and souvenir.

You can never finish trying each and every specialty here because there are just too many choices to choose from. However, Taiwan hospitality really touch our stomach! Whenever we passed by a stall and stop to have a look at it, the promoter will sure offer us the sample to try. At first Her Majesty turned down the offer politely, guess what they told her ‘Come and try. You don’t have to buy one. You’re traveling so far to this place and how can you miss it, just try it out.” Taiwan – truly touch your stomach!

By the way, don’t be surprise also if you couldn’t find any dustbin. It seems like the culture here is you can just ask someone at any stalls to help you throw it.

Grilled cuttlefish – Grill to perfection upon order to ensure its freshness

Wild boar sausage

Peanut roll with ice cream wrapped with soft flour sheet – I gave it a try immediately when first saw it, and falling in love with it as well. Their ice cream tastes more like the sorbert.

The most famous taro balls

Lime juice which is surprisingly sweet because Taiwanese have sweet tooth

Anchovies / ikan bilis, which level of spiciness can you take? Mind you, it is really hot & ur lips can be numb!

Assorted meat balls ie cuttlefish, fish, pork… its size are huge, at least double than what we have back in Malaysia

BBQ meat, meat floss, dried cuttlefish, dried fish…. in many different flavours

Must buy souvenir in Taiwan – Pineapple cake

Won’t you be attracted by the pretty and sexy Taiwan girl?

I know all the food photos above may make you drool, so do I, however, there are also certain food that you’ll find it disgusting. For example, bird’s tongue

Grilled snail

Stunning view of the JiuFen village

Jiufen boasts a number of tea house. Sit back, relax, sip into a cup of premium tea while enjoying the view of Pacific Ocean.

JiuFen is small enough to cover on foot. If I ever visit JiuFen again, I would come in the evening, stay in one of the guest house here and experience the nightlife here. I am sure it’s very different from what I have seen.


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