Belanga Cafe @ The Gardens Mid Valley

Two days ago we had our dinner at Belanga Cafe before grocery shopping at Jusco. From the menu, it seems like the cafe is specialized in East Coast cuisine, since we were running out of idea where to go, so might as well just give it a try.

As usual, I will sure order the ice shaving which is rather known as ‘ice teller’ here. The mixture of jack fruit, avocado, coconut and buah kabung looks colourful and interesting, but not the taste.

For main course, I had Nasi Dagang – the traditional Kelantanese steamed brown rice, served with beef rendang. The portion seems to be small, right? The beef rendang is average only, I have tried better beef rendang before.

Her Majesty was trying the  Nasi Kerabu. If we are not mistaken, the rice is suppose to be in light blue colour but this one look different. Even the sauce for ayam percik isn’t up to our expectation.

Forget about the ambience, sometimes I have to admit that we get to savour better local specialties at those malay food stalls along the roadside or elsewhere. I doubt so we will come back to Belanga again, unless if we have no choice.


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