Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 7 – Gold Ecological Park

Have been lazy to blog for past few days. But I keep reminding myself not to be lazy else I can never finish the story of our lovely hard to forget honeymoon in Taiwan.

We continued our trip to JiuFen with a visit to Jinguashi’s Ecological Park, which is about 15 minutes drive from JiuFen. Jinguashi was once a booming gold and copper mining town. In 2002, Jinguashi was named a potential World Heritage site. This old mining facilities was transformed into a premier recreational destination, with many of the park’s original buildings being re-used as exhibition space in 2004.

There are a number of theme attractions in the park and wherever i go Terry Fox follows, both of us just seem to have nice smiles. *cough*

The  first that we saw when stepped into the park is Four joined of Japanese-style residence. Record shows that these houses were built by the Japanese Mining Co. to house Japanese mine technicians and their families long before the war broke up in China.

Benshan fifth tunnel give visitors an experience of being in an actual tunnel and a better understanding of the working conditions underground. This used to be tunnel was renovated and re-opened to the public. Waxworks are used to show the process of ore extraction and how the miners worked in the old days. When i went in together with my wife i feel a cold chill in the air, as if there were other people there with us, history did mention that some miners died in the tunnels and if you want to meet them go in alone.

Slowed down and enjoyed the view before we left.

You can also go mountain hiking but make sure you’re here in the morning before the weather is too hot.

My suggestion to those who are planning for a day trip to this park and JiuFen is, come to gold geological park first before JiuFen which is a paradise for souvenir and food. Although this place is just a small town, but you will be surprise how convenience is the public transport here. That’s why I just can’t stop myself from falling in love with Taiwan!


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