Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 8 – Taiwan specialties

You must be wondering how come our stomach still have room for dinner after a gastronomical trip in JiuFen. Like what I always say, we are not here all the time. Besides eating, we walk a lot too till our leg muscle feel the pressure but it’s worthy as it helps digest the food we had earlier on.

We went back to our studio apartment and rest for few hours before hunting for dinner, while i enjoyed myself watching hundred over Taiwan channel. Seriously, one can never get hungry in Taipei, food is just everywhere. The only problem that I am facing is, all the menu are written in Mandarin only which I don’t know how to read, and honestly this place is not tourist friendly for none mandarin speaking reading people. This is one of the reasons I am marrying a Chinese, so I can still travel to places like China, Taiwan and Hong Kong without worries.

Right came out from the apartment, we just simply crossed the road, turned into a small lane where seems to be an eating places. I realized that all the shops selling food are surprisingly very small size, it can only accommodate may be up to a maximum of 15 pax.

Stinky bean curd (or smelly tofu) is one of the Taiwan’s specialties, you will know it is there from the “aroma” in the air. It tastes and looks different from Hong Kong version’s, as well as is accompanied by kimchi. Her Majesty who is a big fan of stinky beancurd still insist that the one we get from Sri Rampai pasar malam is better.

After that, we went to the shop next door to try out some other food. It seems like Taiwanese didn’t eat much for each meal, but they could be having many meals everyday. No wonder most of the girls here are so slim, tall and pretty, especially the eyes.

This rice dish that we tried is called 鲁肉饭 (pronounced as Lu Rou Fan). To be more exact, it’s white rice with braised minced pork meat which costs about RM2 only. Although the ingredients used is very simple, but it’s simply too tasty and make us crave for more and never missed a chance to get one every time we get hungry..

Next is the spicy sauce noodles (麻酱面) which really burns my lips. No meat, egg or any other vegetables except onion.

Same like yesterday, I must get something for my supper as well and for this round, we got an onion and egg pancake from a stall at the roadside. It’s good to eat while it’s still pipping hot, this can never be found here in Malaysia or KL, if anyone knows where to get such a delicacy please drop a note.

Our dinner tonight costs us about Rm10 only, wow… that’s truly cheap and satisfying. Be back soon.


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