Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 9 – Yang Ming Shan National Park

We started our day 4 in TW with a quick bite at 7-Eleven before catching the MRT to ShiLin station and hop on the bus heading towards Yang Ming Shan. We can spend a longer time inside and try out all the food that can never be found in MY but due to time we went off for another journey.

Yang Ming Shan, one of the seven national parks in Taiwan occupies an area of approximately 11,455 hectares and spans the administrative districts of Shihlin and Peitou in Taipei City and Tanshui, Sanchih, Shihmen, Chinshan and Wanli in Taipei County.

We get off from the bus at Yang Ming Shan main terminal. We could have arrived at an hour earlier if we didn’t take the wrong bus. Instead of taking the shuttle bus, we decided to be more adventurous and use the pedestrian trail instead.

After about 45 minutes, we reached a waterfall that really disappoints us. Just snapped a few photos there and continued our journey again.

There are a few food stalls along the way, selling sweet potato and fried stuff, but due to the amount of walking we did the only thing we wanted was more cool drinks, and the squirrel of the forest was kind enough to go over to me when i call to it for a photo opportunity.

Our lunch for the day – bamboo rice, same method as the ones used for lemang but this is more like bakchang but cooked inside a bamboo, something really different and this technique can easily be copied by Malaysian’s.

Another type of big sausage wrapped small sausage, getting one is more than enough due to the bun or whatever it is that can fill your stomach, very filling and if you want to try more food later on it is better to share the sausage fried bun.

The best time to come Yang Ming Shan is during Spring for sakura; or winter for hot spring. But not during summer because the weather is just too hot and gave us bad sun burn. Somemore, even though shuttle bus is provided, we still have to walk for quite a distance to each destination and it’s just too tiring. So in the end Her Majesty gave up and decided just to take a cab and left.

Sending us to our next destination, stay tuned folks ^_^


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