Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Last Friday, we had an early birthday celebration for our good friend Jo at Ole Ole Bali, Solaris Mont Kiara. Obviously i did not know where we were going at first because i do not usually go to this kind of places.

Serving only authentic Balinese cuisine, Ole Ole Bali has a contemporary setting including open concept kitchen.

There are many choices on the menu that sounds tempting to us. Her Majesty had done some homework before bringing us here, so we just let her to decide on the main dishes while we opted for own drinks.

Ice blended pulut hitam – I had many pulut hitam sweet dessert before but not the ice blended version. Despite too sweet, it’s something refreshing but I doubt so I will order it again because it makes me filled up that i could not even finish the rest of the food which was sad.

Ice blended banana with palm sugar for Jo – nice combination, we like it and i wanted to order it again, but was told to try other. Luckily i did not because there was dessert written at the back of the menu that was hidden well. I blame the lights in the restaurant.

Barley with lime for Her Majesty – It’s really hard to imagine how barley will taste like with lime, however, after giving it a try, we get to know that it’s another good combination as well.

For starter, we had something hot and sour – Balinese grilled squid served with rempeyek, spicy lemongrass and shallot dressing.

Next served was Seafood platter which consist of grilled dory fillet, fresh prawns and squid

One of the must try specialties here is Ole Ole Trio, the combination platter of restaurant’s signature snacks. The sate lilit and Ole Ole BBQ Wings are best accompanied by the sambal metah and sambal terasi.

We also tried out the authentic Balinese roasted chicken marinated with lemongrass, which is rather known as Ayam Betutu.

The portion of each dish is huge and we couldn’t finish it at all, especially the ayam betutu which can be shared by two. Just to round it off, we ordered two more sweet desserts which are highly recommended.

Es Campur – This Balinese version of ais kacang is filled with sago, jackfruit, banana, honeydew, watermelon and sweet shredded coconut.

Meanwhile, the ladies had the grass jelly with rambutan in ginger syrup.

With many new restaurants emerged in KL now a days, I must say that this place is really worth the money, be it the quality or quantity.

Don’t forget to grab some ‘Ole ole’ (which means gift) as well

By the way, Ole Ole Bali also has branches at Sunway Pyramid and Puchong.


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