Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 10 – DanShui, Bali, Fisherman’s Wharf & Xin BeiTou

Cont’ from Chapter 9.

We took a cab and planned to go Xin Bei Tou for hot spring. But there was a slight change on our itinerary when we met this very friendly taxi driver. He told us that afternoon is not a good time for hot spring because the weather is too hot, so we should go to this seaside food street called DanShui first. Not only that, he also refused to send us to DanShui because he said the taxi fare could be very expensive, so it’d be a better plan to drop us at the nearest MRT station and boarded a train from there. The first thing that came into our mind when he said so was ‘why can’t the taxi driver in Malaysia be more tourist friendly like this?’

I had ice cream almost everyday when I was in Taiwan. Is it me or it is really a fact that their ice cream taste different from ours? Also they have this super tall ice cream, NTW1 only!

More big sausage wrapped small sausage

Iron egg is the must-try snack in Taiwan, both original and spicy flavour are equally good

I can’t tell you how does this curry pork puff tastes like because we didn’t give it a try

Have you ever wonder how quail egg can be grilled?

As suggested by the local, we took the ferry ride from DanShui to the north if Taipei Country, Bali. Don’t be confused, the Bali that I meant here just lies across the DanShui river, not the island in Indonesia or Paris which is also pronounced as Bali in Mandarin.

Renting a bicycle and cycling around is what you can do in Bali.

It’s another food paradise for us, more different choices and we just cannot resist to say no. For example, this crispy yet tasty deep-fried grilled squid that almost every stall here also claim that theirs is the original.

We also tried out the deep-fried stingray which we enjoyed it very much.

Fresh cranberries for juice

Their so-called lobster croissant

Also located across the river is Fisherman’s wharf which seems to be a famous hang out spot in the evening.

It’s famous for the fish balls and stuffed beancurd skin with glass noodles.

Highly recommended by the locals – Ah Po’s assam boi that we think is over rated

This is definitely a nice place for couple to hang out especially in the evening

We ended the day with a rejuvenate hot spring at Xin Bei Tou. If you’re here during daytime but non-summer season, do try out the public pool else just look for any hot spring hotel. Guys, make sure you check out the ‘special’ tv channel and also open up the drawer to ‘redeem’ the mystery gift.

All our tiredness were gone after 3 hours of pampering ourselves in the hot spring hotel. In fact Her Majesty was sleeping instead of hot spring, so can you imagine how tired we were. Have a good rest for a better tomorrow.


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