Birthday Brunch @ Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Few weeks back, I was telling Her Majesty how good is the bread at The Loaf, the best that i ever try in town. She disagree with me. She said I should try out the stone oven baked bread at Levain, tastier and cheaper compare to The Loaf. Ok… I have no idea where this place is. She certainly knows all the good eating places better than I do. To me, The Loaf is good. That’s all. Unless there are other places out there that can change my mind and my taste.

It also never came into my mind that I want to visit this bakery, till yesterday, when she took me there for my breakfast brunch. Yup, yesterday was my birthday and for something different, she decided to buy me a brunch instead of dinner.

Cars were parked along the roadside and inside the compound of this bungalow style bakery at Jalan Delima. Don’t get shock when you see all those expensive cars here, I suppose this place is targeting at high class people who enjoy this kind of luxury or those who enjoy a good bread in the morning.

The aroma of bread and pastries make me hungry the moment i step into Levain. Look at what they have to offer, didn’t it tempts you? Also, the amount of people lining up the bread also the expats who come over to taste the freshly baked bread.

Kids will love this, it is chocolate and there was japanese kid that ate it. I would most likely try it out one day.

Caramel nuts danish

Pastry chef in action

Chocolate french toast – it looks delicious, but not sure how it taste

Everyone are grabbing the freshly baked bread, while i was wondering what to take because there is just to many of them.

Bread loaf and baguette

How Her Majesty wishes that Levain is loacted within walking distance from her office and she can has this for lunch

I am totally in love with the creamy durian melon bun, each bite is just simply heaven

From the hot menu and breakfast menu

When the clock strikes at 11am, we immediately went to line up and order the very fusion style’s dry curry beef pasta. The portion is just perfect for brunch, we love the perfect combination of curry with pasta, yummy.

These are very sinful, which the pictures can tell. But Her Majesty has already baked me a fruit flan cake so we didn’t get any from here. Next visit, perhaps.

The whole venue, from indoor to outdoor are actually quite spacious and is a good venue for private event too.

According to Her Majesty’s sharp tongue, the bread and pastries here are using very minimal amount or no bread improver at all, which helps to soften the bread. However, it’s also not good for our health. So, for something that is healthy, tasty yet not so pricey, I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t falling in love with it^_^

But one very silly thing is, no photography on the food is allowed. We got warned for it. I just don’t understand why, other might steal the look but not the taste nor the recipe.


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