Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 13 – Liao Ning Night Market

In Taipei itself, there are many night markets but it can be divided into two categories: tourist spot and non-tourist spot. For sure, the later one won’t be that crowded compared to the earlier one. Just like what we experience at Liao Ning Night Market.

Although we have a map in hand, but it doesn’t really help as there are too many tall buildings and streets / lanes in the city itself that might not be indicated in the map. So the only best way to look for it is to ask for local’s help while refering to the map. Again, if you know how to speak mandarin or hokkien, then it’d be easier as only a very minority of Taiwanese can speak English. And finally, we’re here.

There are some very famous restaurants here, especially this roasted goose  and seafood restaurant. Full house!

Different from other night markets that I have been to in Taipei, at Liao Ning St., you can just sit down at the stall and enjoy your food, not take away.

We dare not to put a very high expectation when we ordered this oyster soup. As we all know, oyster can be very smelly if it’s not fresh or handle properly. However, credits go to this soup that completely won our heart. It’s boiled with generous amount of shredded ginger and that generous amount of oyster are so juicy and fresh.

Oyster omelette is always our all time favourite. We have tried it in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and now Taiwan. What’s make the later one different is they use green vegetables as another main ingredient too.

Moving on to the next stall, now it’s a noodle dish that we ordered. I was slowly getting use to how Taiwanese serve their noodles, very minimum of ingredients without compromising on the taste.

Didn’t I mention before that I have sweet tooth? So Her Majesty got me this very refreshing crushed ice with jelly and sago. I LOVE it!

While we were on our way walking to the MRT station, we saw KFC and immediately went in without second thought. The fried chicken and pork burger are good but still can’t beat this portugese egg tart with caramel and cream.

Oh yes, it’s certainly a fun and food filled day for us. And I got a hooters t-shirt too before finally deciding to go back to our crib, i got to say the Taiwan girls here was a good sight for the guys and compared that to other Hooters i have been too. Yay, now i got what i wanted, time to go back and rest for another adventure.


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