Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 16 – Cats & Dogs

Way back during our trip to Taiwan, we met many people from different background and all in all, Taiwanese are very helpful and friendly. Only minority of them can speak English, but they will still try their best to help when you need it. Taiwan girls are sweet too. They can melt your heart. Good food are everywhere but you can hardly see fat people like in Malaysia.

Apart from the people there, their pets pleased us too. Dogs especially are easily seen everywhere. They are not any ordinary stray dogs but some expensive breed like shiba inu, golden retriever, husky and labrador retriever. They are so obedient following their master, a real human’s best friend.  If I am staying in a country with cool weather like this, I am sure I would keep at least one as well.

Obviously Taiwanese love dog more than cat. We only see cats at places like Jiu Fen, lying down there outside the house, lazy for anything.

We spotted these two typical fatty in a pet shop that we went. We were stunned for a second, is it an actual cat or a piggy? I always complaint furfur is fat and i get tired of carry him going up of the staircase, yet these two are even worst.

They are just too fat for me, no thanks^_^


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