Jom Buka Puasa!

While many of us doubt that the idea of 1 Malaysia can be materialized, but I am sure many of us will ‘temporarily’ agree that we’re 1 Malaysia when come to an array of good food we get to try, especially during fasting month of Muslim (bulan Ramadhan). We, non-Muslim will give ourself all the excuse possible like ‘it’s only once a year’ to go Bazaar. Previous years, we will always drive to Wangsa Maju Section 1 for the bazaar but this year, we tends to be a bit lazy after we found out the bazaar near our place, Bandar Baru Sentul is getting bigger compare to last year.

One can never finish counting how many choices are there, it’s as if suddenly all the good malay food are gather together, make you craving for it yet your tummy have limited room for it. Certain all time favourite are still there, like Roti John but enhanced with new sauce – black pepper.

This isn’t any ordinary grilled chicken but Malaysia’s very own ayam percik (spicy BBQ chicken). There could be many stalls selling this popular local delicacy, however, it doesn’t means that each stall also make a good spicy sauce, which is the essence of this dish.

I was so eager wanted to try out Putu Piring after listening to a radio talk show discussed about this kuih and i always wanted to give it a try because i am curious about good Malay food. It’s made from rice flour that is steamed in a metal container and filled with gula melaka (palm sugar). Sad to say, it’s been over-rated and if someone can tell me where to get the best Putu Piring in KL drop me a message and i will give it a go.

We will definitely get a piece of murtabak during our every visit to Bazaar. The one that we got today is filled with flour and onion only, this teaches us a lesson, get the one from where many people are lining up at. There must be a reason why everyone are willing to lining up there.

Can anyone tell me what is this called? It looks like putu piring but is filled in a bamboo instead. I think the lady that sell this mentioned it is called  Putu Buluh, it was noisy so i guess this is what it’s called.

We couldn’t be bother to get the ikan bakar as Her Majesty can whip up a good one too that burn your tongue and ass at the same time. The uncle selling the fish was not so friendly neither, explains why he did not get many customers for his Burned Fish.

Since when our favourite Taiwan style deep-fried chicken chop is also introduced into Malay market? This is why we are 1 Malaysia, good food are meant to be shared. Make sure you ask for the spicy one and tell the boss not to cut it into small pieces, it’s tastier that way. I can never get enough of it. I wonder when will i get to see an Indian version of the Spicy Crispy Chicken, i guess i have to wait until Deepavali to find out.

Now is time to show my most favourite food… … popiah basah. The filling is still same as any other popiah, except that it’s topped with spicy honey sauce that give this appetizer extra taste. I just can’t get enough of it.

Of course what I am posting here are just a small part of what you can expect from Bazaar Ramadhan. Since it’s once a year affair, then why not make a few more trips. It’s 1 Malaysia afterall and to all my muslim readers, Selamat Berpuasa!


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