Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 17 – It’s the end

The trip has finally come to the end. We woke up very early at 5am+ like what we did for past few days, get ready, final round of packing then went down for breakfast before our driver come at 7am.

Perhaps God was sad that we’re leaving, that’s why it started to rain after we reached Tao Yuan International Airport. My stomach also started to be upset, reject the food we bought for breakfast. These are just the signs of ‘we love Taiwan very much’.

Our next trip back to Taiwan should be not to long from now, I suppose. Many places that we have yet to explore and let it touch our heart.

At the meantime, next honeymoon trip is coming up in less than 2 months time. Her Majesty already warned me to be prepared as it is a third world country. No mcD, no MRT. Do we travel too often? I doubt so. If we are not going to do it now, it’d be hard once we have a baby. Looking forward to journey with Her Majesty… very soon.


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