Unforgettable, Precious Moments

I know for the fact that most couples-to-be-wed do not know where to begin when it comes to wedding photography. Some may even find it hard to source who is the best photographer to carry out their personality in their wedding photographs. Well, save all the hassle as Signature Weddings will be bringing you weekly updates on photographers that we have sourced from Asia while shedding some lights about wedding photography in a photographer’s point of view. That way, we are sure you are able to know more about them =)

This week, we manage to get in touch with Louis Loo from Deviews Production. To illustrate his work, Louis had sent us some awesome pictures, to share his approach in wedding photography with all of you. So grab a comfy chair or stool if you must, but whatever you do – be sure to pop into the gallery from our directory for more inspiration from this week’s feature photographer! A big thank you to Louis! =D

Let’s get to know him shall we?

Deviews Production:-

What inspired you to be a photographer?
It’s the chance to meet with people from all walks of life. Being in the heart of heart-warming memory-making moments is the best experience.

What is your preferred style?
I like to be candidly artistic. I would like the photographs that I have captured, evoke back the joys and wonders that couples once shared with their loved ones on that very special day.

What are the challenges you faced during a photography shoot?
Trying to fulfil the needs of each different client. In order to do this, I usually meet and discuss with my client before the actual shooting takes place. It helps to minimise any miscommunication and avoid misunderstanding – as well as hiccups along the way!

What should a couple look into when deciding on their wedding photographer?
They should find a competent photographer who is versatile and able to conceptualise in that manner. Secondly, the photographer must be someone who is good at handling two-way discussions and decision-making.

What are your best tips?
Research. Find out as much as you can about different styles and photographers. You can survey the media (newspaper, internet, magazine, etc.) to find them.

It’s important to meet with the photographer before making your decision. Don’t pass this up if you can help it.

Where is your favourite location?
Hmm.. That will be South Korea. It is a dynamic country that keeps its traditions and culture in a natural way. The fact that it’s a country of four seasons suits my style of shooting perfectly. I grew comfortable with its weather as the four seasons allow me to create different ideas and perspectives in photography by utilizing the look of those different seasons, crafting visually stimulating and emotive images for couples to remember by.

If you like Louis’ work and want to know more about him, you can send your enquiries to Deviews Production today!

Source: http://signatureweddings.asia/photos-videos/unforgettable-precious-moments.html


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