My favourite food in town V – Kiew Yee Teow Chew Fried Kueh Teow

It’s a long weekend but unfortunately, my car got towed on last Thursday and I can most probably claim it back by tomorrow. Perhaps God says I am too spoilt by the car already, so is time for me to take the public transport these few days. Well, it has been so long since the last time we took lrt together to town. And we can only go to certain places that are easily accessed by LRt, for eg pasar seni and bukit bintang.

So as usual, it is Her Majesty’s weekly routine to do grocery shopping at wet market on every Saturday. She does cook almost everyday, for our breakfast especially and bento lunch for me. With no car to go around, we can only take LRT to Pasar Seni which is within walking distance to the wet market at Petaling Street.

Our regular spot for breakfast is always the beef noodles or porridge that Her Majesty refused  to have it this round. While thinking where to go and what to have, we past by this food court that we have been knowing it for years but never bothered to check it out until recently.

Suddenly, Her Majesty said she just came across a newspaper article featuring the char kway teow here, which has more than 50 years of history and it’s certainly one of the best in town. Char Kway Teow is always my favourite food but we couldn’t get any good one in KL except in Penang and Singapore, else what we get here is always either containing too much full of bean sprouts (taugeh), portion too small, lack of taste or even very oily. So… I must give it a try.

Many of us might not know actually Char Kway Teow is a Teow Chew specialties. Both of us have a very high expectation on this stall, but we just ordered one plate to share.

I never knew also that we can ask for mix kway teow and noodles. Ingredients wise there is not much bean sprouts together with spring onion, cockles, egg and fish cake. And the most important is, the secret behind this very famous dish… a homemade peanut sesame sauce that give it extra aroma. Two thumbs up! Finally i have found a Kueh Tiaw shop worthy of it’s name and worth the visit each time when i drop by.

I can’t express how glad we are to know such a good Char Kway Teow in town with reasonable pricing. A special one with egg and extra cockles at only RM4.80. Thanks my car got towed^_^

Kiew Yee Teow Chew Char Kway Teow (Since 1952) @ Tang City Food Court, Petaling Street. Open Daily from 7.30am – 3.30pm


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