Wedding Bliss: Chapter 10 – Photobook

It has been 4 months past our wedding and yet, to us, it is still not over yet. Whenever we are out to meet friends, some of them will remind us to bring our wedding photo album.  I am sure many of us have heard from our married friends also about how thick and heavy is their wedding album, so instead of showing it to family and friends, the album is now resting underneath of their bed instead.

When we signed up for our pre-wedding and actual day photography package, we didn’t choose to have any wedding album. Reason being is very simple, we prefer to have something not bulky that is convenience to bring it around. So then we decided to make our own photobook.

Photobook Malaysia has been introduced to Malaysia market at few years ago. You can just download the software then start doing your own page layout then submit it via online. A week later, it’ll be delivered to your door step. One thing we like about Photobook is it’s handmade with using only premium quality paper and printing method, for long lasting beautiful images.

Not only that, there is no limit on maximum no. of pages so you can put as many photo as you like. Imagine a couple like us who got almost 3,000 photos from our official photographer, how torture will it be if we can have only 48 or 100 photos for our album.

We are very satisfy with the final product received, thumbs up to Photobook Malaysia.

Before I end this post, let’s share with you this very meaningful fact quoted from ShenSnaps Photography, “Wedding album is the only physical asset you posses after the whole celebration which keep your good memory alive for the rest of many years spend with your loved one, and pass down to your children, grand children and even great grand children… There the longer the photo albums are properly kept, the more precious they are to you and to many generations.”

For more information on the photobook, please log on to


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