Wedding Bliss – Chapter 11: First Dance

Little did we know, where and when first dance started. We tried to google search for the history before started to write this piece of article but unfortunately, nothing was found. Anyhow, it is still part of the ‘highlight’ in many wedding receptions.

Normally, the wedding couple will choose their favourite love song to dance to. I don’t know why, it’s always a slow song. Some say it is because ballroom dance is the easiest,  you don’t need to be a good dancer; some say the bride is wearing high heels, long gown with trail and etc… so a slow dance is the best choice.

So when Her Majesty showed me this video clip from YouTube which has more than 1,000,000 viewers, I immediately told her that I wanted to do something similar during our wedding dinner too. And that was like even before we confirm the wedding date.

I was very active in Kelab Seni Kebudayaan during my secondary school time, so it was not hard at all for me to be a choreographer for own wedding. The only problem is, Her Majesty can’t really dance. So in terms of song selection, I have to make sure it’s not too hard for her to learn, not to mention we have limited space in our house to practice.

In the spirit of muhibbah, we selected different language’s songs, those that we like and those that we grow up with, then let Her Majesty to edit it.  Luckily she learnt some basic music editing before.

Even though we had spent few months to practice but still, I was nervous at that night itself, to the extent of didn’t even feel like enjoying the food served. I was so worry that what if… … all the worries didn’t happen, of course. I couldn’t describe how release and happy we were especially when we received compliments from the crowd, including my mum who even asked did we hire any choreographer.  Of course, it is not surprise at all to have a few guests who cannot accept this kind of first dance.

Unfortunately the first dance video clip we got from Andy isn’t in the format that we can upload it into YouTube. So here are some photos to share with everyone:

If any soon-to-be wed couples intend to do something similar during your wedding, you may find the following tips to be useful:

  • Let your gown designer  and shoe maker know about your idea so they can propose a design that is easier for you to move around
  • Practice with your high heels
  • Unless if you’ve practice on a real dance floor, else tell your hotel / restaurant that you don’t need one. It is easier for those with least experience to dance on a matt surface ie carpet instead of a glossy dance floor
  • Don’t eat too much before the dance if you don’t want to suddenly throw up while dancing
  • Not to worry over any mistakes, enjoy it!
  • Last but not least, RELAX and RELAX

Song list:

Final fantasy 8- Waltz to the moon 》邓丽君-月亮代表我的心 》Jai Ho 》Michael Jackson – Billie Jean / Thriller 》N Sync – Bye Bye Bye  》草蜢 - 失恋阵线联盟 》The Village People – YMCA 》Para Para Sakura 》Willy Wonka – Kung Fu Fighting 》Britney Spears – Oops I did it Again 》Sisqo – The Thong Song 》Jon McLaughLin – So Close

Now i see that more newly weds in Asia are slowly going into this trend, and honestly i am getting bored of typical slow wedding dances, i told my youngest brother to do the same as mine.


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