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Oreo, please come home!

Dear Baby Oreo,

It’s been 72 hours since you went missing. And we still miss you like a crazy…

You know, your mummy is so depressed since that day onwards. We walked all around the neighbourhood to look for you, calling Oreo, Oreo. Your mummy couldn’t even sleep on that night, hoping you’re just too enjoying yourself outside with other cats, and will be home the next day morning. She cried… she cried for many times already.

Your mummy always says, you’re the most handsome and smartest cat she ever had. You’re not an ordinary cat, although you’re just a stray cat we found in the wet market. We miss you acting cute when you want something from us, we miss you fighting with fur fur to get our attention, we miss you hugging Chelsea and licking her, we miss seeing how much you enjoy your crackers every time when we refill the bowl, we miss you destroying the kitchen towel and packed biscuits on the kitchen cabinet, we miss you sleeping next to us at night, we miss you occupy the bed for yourself only, we miss you accompanying your mummy taking shower, we miss you calling us when you come home, we miss bringing you for car ride, we miss you waking us up if we are late, we miss you… we really miss you. Yes, you’re naughty, you’re hyper but we just simply love it!

We are still hoping that there will be a miracle and hear your voice again after you have enough fun out there. Fur Fur and Chelsea are looking for you too, you know that? I am sure you don’t want to see your mummy depressed too.

Waiting for you to be home, XOXO.


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Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend!

This is not a new clip but just came across it this morning. It’s so funny & now I just feel like making one for my cats too.

Enjoy it!

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Commuter cat Casper killed by car in Plymouth

A cat which became a celebrity by travelling around Plymouth on the bus has died after reportedly being struck by a car.

Casper, a 12-year-old black and white cat, used to wait with commuters at the bus stop and then hop on to the number 3 to find a seat to curl up on.

The cat was so well-known on the First Devon and Cornwall service, drivers knew which stop to let him off at.

His death was announced on a notice put up at Casper’s bus stop by his owner.

‘Free spirit’

It said: “Many local people knew Casper, who loved everyone – he also enjoyed the bus journeys.

“Sadly a motorist hit him and did not stop.

“Casper died from his injuries. He will be greatly missed…he was a much loved pet who had so much character. Thank you to all those who befriended him.”

First Devon and Cornwall said it was “devastated” by the cat’s death.

Casper’s owner, 55-year-old Susan Finden, who re-homed him from a rescue centre in 2002, said he had always been a free spirit.

He was named after the cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost, because of his habit of wandering off.

‘Exploring heaven’

Mrs Finden posted a tribute to Casper on the local Herald newspaper website and thanked First’s bus drivers for looking after her pet so well.

The website has also received tributes to Casper from around the world, including the US and Australia.

The bus company said many of its drivers had expressed sympathy for Casper to Mrs Finden.

In a statement, a company spokeswoman said: “Casper touched many people’s lives and clearly had a very exciting life – travelling around Plymouth and who knows where else.

“I suspect he’s now exploring heaven and is telling all the other cats up there about the many adventures he had.”

A picture of the cat will continue to be used on one of the company’s buses.


Got this news today from my FW when I was at work. While I was reading it, a small tear came off from my eye. Casper is such an adorable cat. He also reminds me of my three cats at home, especially Oreo who always do something abnormal, something that we always wonder why he knows how to do and where does he learn it from. As well as furfur who will also always go missing at night after dinner, but sure will be home before 11pm. Wonder where he goes. Life is really very different when you have a smart and hyper cat at home. I guess if my FW is the owner of Casper, she will cry for at least a week. Anyway, may the soul of Casper rest in peace in the heaven of cats and may he continues his adventerous journey in the other kingdom too. Although you’re just a cat, but we seriously adore you, Casper.

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Christmas Kitty

Our two cats, furfur and oreo are turning 1 year and 10 months respectively this January. How time flies. So I always joke with my FW that we should keep a third kitten, a pure white female kitten and should named it Chelsea. But this was just a dream, the house is too small for another kitten, not to mention the commitment.

Two days before Christmas, when we were doing our regular marketing, the ‘taukeh babi’ asked my FW if she wants a kitten. Another female cat went to his stall and gave birth there. I know that part of her want it, but she didn’t take it. It’s a pure white kitten. My dream cat.

Somehow, perhaps it is God’s will that we should keep a third cat. That night itself, we heard a kitten crying so loud at my area downstairs of my apartment.  The very sad sound tickled my curiosity to look for it when I went out and guess what, I saw a white kitten. I immediately sms my FW and when I came home, the kitten was still crying so she asked me to bring her go see the kitten. And this is how we end up bringing it home (it’s a yellowish kitten, not white^_^)

Furfur was so unhappy to see another kitten at home while Oreo was curious instead. We locked her in the cage and she still couldn’t stop crying. Next morning, we tried to make her some kitten milk but she doesn’t want to drink at all. So we have no choice but to do force feeding and even that was also hard as she throw out whatever we give her. That’s on the Christmas’ eve. Later in the afternoon, we realised that her heart beat seems to be irregular and I remember the vet telling me that cat isn’t suppose to breath so fast. We immediately took her to the vet and the lady dr suggested to go for x-ray.

The x-ray results was really unexpected. As per the dr, this kitten must have been abused by someone before we took it home. Her stomach is now in the lung area, normally in this kind of situation, the dr will do repair surgery but this kitten is too young for it. So she suggested us to put her to sleep. Gosh. My FW cried on the spot and stayed outside with Chelsea. It’s her call now. The chances of Chelsea to survive is very slim, less than 50%. Even if it managed to survive, she won’t be able to live like any other normal cats, this is what we were told.

Although Chelsea was with us for less than a day time, but she is just too cute and we are really in love with her. She sat on my FW’s lap, rub her head on my FW’s hands, and miaw to her, as if she is trying to tell – don’t kill me or throw me away. As such, she has insisted to bring Chelsea home and see how she does for next few days.

The days after that wasn’t an easy day for us, especially my FW who will be home alone. She can’t do force feeding by herself and it’s sad to see Chelsea having difficulty to breath. Everytime when she was sleeping and not moving, we were so afraid that she might die. My FW purposely bought a nursing bottle which she thought that can be used to feed Chelsea milk or water, who knows Chelsea bited off the tip. No drink for three days, how to survive? No choice, still have to force her to drink.

We tried to google search and see what can we do. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything. We were well prepared for the worst that could happen and sometimes, we also wonder if we have make the right decision to not put Chelsea to sleep. At least, she won’t be suffer like this. So happened that we were having a casual talk to the priest on Christmas morning, my FW told him what happened and he agreed that as a Christian, we shouldn’t kill a kitten that way.

My FW put in so much effort to make Chelsea feel the comfort of staying with us and how much we love it. She took Chelsea to sleep with her, hug and comfort it, tried her best to make Chelsea learn how to drink milk, as well as praying hard for Chelsea.

It is really true that sometimes the attention and love from the owner will give the pet strength to survive. Chelsea started to drink milk by herself in the evening of Christmas Day and soon, no more constipation. She can also eat solid food few days later, getting happier staying with us, playing around with Oreo and of course, she  is healtheir.

We can’t deny that Oreo plays an important role too in saving Chelsea. We read an article saying that this is the time when the kitten needs their mum the most. Well, we don’t even know who is her mum but luckily we have Oreo who loves and pamper Chelsea a lot. He will go comfort Chelsea when she was crying, hug and lick her, just like what a cat mother normally do to her baby.

Chelsea is now with us for more than a week. Despite her irregular heart beat, she does very well, and smart too. We learned something new that we never came across while raising up furfur Oreo. While we thought that not to let Chelsea goes out is the best way to protect her from getting too tired, in the end we realise that it’s wrong. Chelsea tends to be happier after having a walk outside. No cat will like to be locked in the house afterall.

She can even climb up the Christmas tree and once a while, playing with Oreo. At first it was hard for me to believe it when my FW told me how Oreo grabbed the ornament from Christmas tree for Chelsea to play. Till I have witnessed it by myself, my godness, Oreo is really like a cat brother.

On a separate note, both of us are really very dissapointed with the vet on how they discriminate a stray cat. I thought all the vet are suppose to help the cats and not everytime also put them to sleep? If we ever listen to them, furfur and Chelsea will no longer happily staying with us, but hate us, while both of us will sure be very guilty for the rest of our lives…

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Monster in the house

We are now officially ‘low-bat’ after another round of studio photography yesterday (one of the prizes we won during The Proposal event). Supposed to wake up early for the Terry Fox Charity Walk this morning, however we were really tired and couldn’t make it. All because of a night out during Halloween.

Due to busy life, we also hardly stay at home recently or spend time with the two cats. Just like last Monday, we were out since 9am till 11pm plus, we were well prepared that the monster Oreo will surely mess up the house, as he usually does if we didn’t come home at certain time. Surprisngly, nothing happened but both didn’t even bothered to miaw and just ignored us when we opened the door.


The reason why we called Oreo as a monster because he is really such a monster who can turn the house up and down like the aftermath of a tsunami (it might be unbelievable, but he does react when we call him monster Oreo). Kitchen napkin and toilet roll are his favourites, if we didn’t keep it somewhere that he can’t reach, he will just grab and shred the whole roll into small pieces. A real Nightmare!


At first we thought that he should be less hyper after being neutered, who knows it doesn’t help at all, except that he isn’t interested with female cat at all. Sometimes he will still be very ‘manja’, want us to pamper him or suck/bite my FW’s finger till he fall asleep. He can also get jealous over my other cat furfur easily. He loves to disturb furfur sleeping especially if he saw furfur sleeping at his ‘territory’.  He really treat himself as a king in this house and we are his slave!


For quite some time, he must want to sleep with my FW at night and he will cry if she didn’t bring him in to the room. Somemore, he must want to sleep next to her only, which means in between both of us or even just simply ignore me and even at times sleep at my side of the bed and on my pillow when im not around. So now you know whose bed is it. Somemore, he will usually wakes my FW up at 4am or 5am when he is hungry. Think this is how life going to be when we have a baby in the close future, or it could be worst than this – forget about your beauty sleep.


On the other hand, furfur’s behaviour is totally opposite with Oreo. He is sooo pondan and miaw like a female cat. All he knows is just to eat and sleep, this explains why he is so heavy now. For certain unknown reason, he will kick me away when I try to carry him. But seriously, he is very heavy and I really dunno how to carry him like how my fiance does.

My FW and I always joke around that furfur must be wondering why we took a monster home in the first place. Instead of keeping him company, the monster is bullying him more often. He must be very happy when the monster is being punished when i put Oreo into the cage, only then FurFur will be sleeping like a pig, lying down with his tummy up and both legs opened, hahaha…


Anyhow, both of them share the same characters too… eat certain flavour of can food and use only certain brand’s litter sands. These two cats are just too lucky to be with us and have someone like my FW who treat them as her precious. Most of the time i feel sad when i see dead cats on the road, or see little kittens even being thrown out of a car. These two should feel lucky we saved them and decided to keep them as our pets.

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Lucyfurr and Oreo annihalated the Space Marines

Why the title you think? thats because after coming back from my holiday i found out my cat, totally destroyed my space marine models which i have nicely keep on top of my modelling table. Almost 60% of all my fully assembled models was scattered all over the room, some in the living room and some under places where i would never thought of looking.

 All because they were bored, on monday itself i saw my cat lucyfurr, climbing up the top of my model table lookin at the window trying to escape, and i tried to take him and shoo him away, he ran in a panic and kick my terminators, 12 bikes, a rhino, 2 predator tanks, 3 of my chapter master was killed, my landraider wreck and many more which im to sad to even write down.

It’s going to take me a good few weeks or even months to repair, repaint, look for missing arms and other things, and i know this is the work of Oreo who in particular love to grab my orks and play with them by pushing them all over the room, i have found a few hidden under the table of my pc. With work project and interview coming its not going to be easy for me to salvage what have been destroyed. In truth, the chaos hero abbadon the despoiler or even the Emperor of mankind himself can’t fight against “THE WRATH OF LUCYFURR”.

For all those model freaks like me, or collector item fans, keep your toys away locked and keyed in a glass cabinet if you have one. Even my xbox360 is not spared by these two cats onslaught, paw prints all over my dear machine!! Im sure i turned to Super Saiyan Level 5 on that day.


Two cats happily sleeping in the hobby room

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Neutering your pet

Many would think that it’s cruel to neuter / spay the pet, but do you actually knows what are the benefits of neutering?

1. Firstly, it helps reduce the stray animals and unwanted litters on the street.

2. It is good for their health, ie reduce the risk of TVT and cancer.

3. Behavioural problem – More homely, reduce odor, reduce stress, prevents wandering and roaming in search of females, to name a few.

4. Reduces the chances of your male cat to start spraying urine to mark his territory inside your house.

In view of this, so why not consider to neuter your pet now?

Just woke up and ready to go home

Fur fur has to ‘puasa’ (a.k.a fasting) a night before the upcoming neuter. We have no idea how he do it, but he managed to escape from the cage and took his breakfast while my gf was still asleep. But the plan was still on since we have already make the appointment with SPCA.

We’re there before 9am, but there were many other cats and dogs who arrived earlier than us. This goes to show that there are many pet owners out there who will try not to have many kittens or puppies who would end up on some island out there in the future.


Oh No! They are going to cut off my ball, I don't want... help...

As usual, fur fur didn’t enjoy his car ride at all. If he wasn’t in the cage, most probably my gf’s leg or hand will have scars again. But he just lie down in the cage quietly once he was in the clinic together with many other cats and doesnt show any sign of aggresive behavior or trying to run away like many other cats i see in the doctor’s room.

The whole process took took about 3 hours and fur fur was so blur and weak when he was out from the operations theatre. We were told that he needs to rest for 5 days before fully recovered but this cat can even run / jump again like there is no pain at all after a day. Anyhow, he is now a she-male that won’t be interested to go cheeky [ hiaw ] with other female cats ;p- Less stress for us too.


By the way, just to share with all that it can simply costs few hundreds ringgit if you bring your pet to neuter / spay in the private clinic. To save on this, you may actually bring them to Klinik Kembiri which is owned by SPCA in Genting Kelang. We only paid RM40 which is really very cheap and the vets did a very good job too. More information can be found at


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