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Wedding Bliss – Chapter 11: First Dance

Little did we know, where and when first dance started. We tried to google search for the history before started to write this piece of article but unfortunately, nothing was found. Anyhow, it is still part of the ‘highlight’ in many wedding receptions.

Normally, the wedding couple will choose their favourite love song to dance to. I don’t know why, it’s always a slow song. Some say it is because ballroom dance is the easiest,  you don’t need to be a good dancer; some say the bride is wearing high heels, long gown with trail and etc… so a slow dance is the best choice.

So when Her Majesty showed me this video clip from YouTube which has more than 1,000,000 viewers, I immediately told her that I wanted to do something similar during our wedding dinner too. And that was like even before we confirm the wedding date.

I was very active in Kelab Seni Kebudayaan during my secondary school time, so it was not hard at all for me to be a choreographer for own wedding. The only problem is, Her Majesty can’t really dance. So in terms of song selection, I have to make sure it’s not too hard for her to learn, not to mention we have limited space in our house to practice.

In the spirit of muhibbah, we selected different language’s songs, those that we like and those that we grow up with, then let Her Majesty to edit it.  Luckily she learnt some basic music editing before.

Even though we had spent few months to practice but still, I was nervous at that night itself, to the extent of didn’t even feel like enjoying the food served. I was so worry that what if… … all the worries didn’t happen, of course. I couldn’t describe how release and happy we were especially when we received compliments from the crowd, including my mum who even asked did we hire any choreographer.  Of course, it is not surprise at all to have a few guests who cannot accept this kind of first dance.

Unfortunately the first dance video clip we got from Andy isn’t in the format that we can upload it into YouTube. So here are some photos to share with everyone:

If any soon-to-be wed couples intend to do something similar during your wedding, you may find the following tips to be useful:

  • Let your gown designer  and shoe maker know about your idea so they can propose a design that is easier for you to move around
  • Practice with your high heels
  • Unless if you’ve practice on a real dance floor, else tell your hotel / restaurant that you don’t need one. It is easier for those with least experience to dance on a matt surface ie carpet instead of a glossy dance floor
  • Don’t eat too much before the dance if you don’t want to suddenly throw up while dancing
  • Not to worry over any mistakes, enjoy it!
  • Last but not least, RELAX and RELAX

Song list:

Final fantasy 8- Waltz to the moon 》邓丽君-月亮代表我的心 》Jai Ho 》Michael Jackson – Billie Jean / Thriller 》N Sync – Bye Bye Bye  》草蜢 - 失恋阵线联盟 》The Village People – YMCA 》Para Para Sakura 》Willy Wonka – Kung Fu Fighting 》Britney Spears – Oops I did it Again 》Sisqo – The Thong Song 》Jon McLaughLin – So Close

Now i see that more newly weds in Asia are slowly going into this trend, and honestly i am getting bored of typical slow wedding dances, i told my youngest brother to do the same as mine.


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Wedding Bliss: Chapter 10 – Photobook

It has been 4 months past our wedding and yet, to us, it is still not over yet. Whenever we are out to meet friends, some of them will remind us to bring our wedding photo album.  I am sure many of us have heard from our married friends also about how thick and heavy is their wedding album, so instead of showing it to family and friends, the album is now resting underneath of their bed instead.

When we signed up for our pre-wedding and actual day photography package, we didn’t choose to have any wedding album. Reason being is very simple, we prefer to have something not bulky that is convenience to bring it around. So then we decided to make our own photobook.

Photobook Malaysia has been introduced to Malaysia market at few years ago. You can just download the software then start doing your own page layout then submit it via online. A week later, it’ll be delivered to your door step. One thing we like about Photobook is it’s handmade with using only premium quality paper and printing method, for long lasting beautiful images.

Not only that, there is no limit on maximum no. of pages so you can put as many photo as you like. Imagine a couple like us who got almost 3,000 photos from our official photographer, how torture will it be if we can have only 48 or 100 photos for our album.

We are very satisfy with the final product received, thumbs up to Photobook Malaysia.

Before I end this post, let’s share with you this very meaningful fact quoted from ShenSnaps Photography, “Wedding album is the only physical asset you posses after the whole celebration which keep your good memory alive for the rest of many years spend with your loved one, and pass down to your children, grand children and even great grand children… There the longer the photo albums are properly kept, the more precious they are to you and to many generations.”

For more information on the photobook, please log on to

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Unforgettable, Precious Moments

I know for the fact that most couples-to-be-wed do not know where to begin when it comes to wedding photography. Some may even find it hard to source who is the best photographer to carry out their personality in their wedding photographs. Well, save all the hassle as Signature Weddings will be bringing you weekly updates on photographers that we have sourced from Asia while shedding some lights about wedding photography in a photographer’s point of view. That way, we are sure you are able to know more about them =)

This week, we manage to get in touch with Louis Loo from Deviews Production. To illustrate his work, Louis had sent us some awesome pictures, to share his approach in wedding photography with all of you. So grab a comfy chair or stool if you must, but whatever you do – be sure to pop into the gallery from our directory for more inspiration from this week’s feature photographer! A big thank you to Louis! =D

Let’s get to know him shall we?

Deviews Production:-

What inspired you to be a photographer?
It’s the chance to meet with people from all walks of life. Being in the heart of heart-warming memory-making moments is the best experience.

What is your preferred style?
I like to be candidly artistic. I would like the photographs that I have captured, evoke back the joys and wonders that couples once shared with their loved ones on that very special day.

What are the challenges you faced during a photography shoot?
Trying to fulfil the needs of each different client. In order to do this, I usually meet and discuss with my client before the actual shooting takes place. It helps to minimise any miscommunication and avoid misunderstanding – as well as hiccups along the way!

What should a couple look into when deciding on their wedding photographer?
They should find a competent photographer who is versatile and able to conceptualise in that manner. Secondly, the photographer must be someone who is good at handling two-way discussions and decision-making.

What are your best tips?
Research. Find out as much as you can about different styles and photographers. You can survey the media (newspaper, internet, magazine, etc.) to find them.

It’s important to meet with the photographer before making your decision. Don’t pass this up if you can help it.

Where is your favourite location?
Hmm.. That will be South Korea. It is a dynamic country that keeps its traditions and culture in a natural way. The fact that it’s a country of four seasons suits my style of shooting perfectly. I grew comfortable with its weather as the four seasons allow me to create different ideas and perspectives in photography by utilizing the look of those different seasons, crafting visually stimulating and emotive images for couples to remember by.

If you like Louis’ work and want to know more about him, you can send your enquiries to Deviews Production today!


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We’ve married 99 days

Yup… we’ve married 99 days! Friends still congratulate us, talking about how much they enjoyed themselves and of course, their must ask question is “how’s life after married?”. It could be just us, but frankly, life is still the same except that we address each other as husband and wife. That’s our married life after all, year to date. Cheers.

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Wedding Bliss: Chapter 9 – Thank You Speech

Just like any wedding does, the groom has to deliver a thank you speech during the wedding reception. But almost all the wedding we attended before, the groom will just say something like ‘Thank you for attending our wedding, thank you to our parents and family, we are so happy to see you all here’ because they never prepared in hand. And this is also the type of speech that we found it to be boring and meaningless.

So since the time when we started the wedding preparation, both of us already said we won’t want to be the same. Her Majesty drafted my speech months back but I was just too lazy to go through it till few weeks before the wedding. Here is the speech:

Many people would class standing up in front of a large audience and making a speech one of the most embarrassing things they ever have to do. And I am just one of them, as most of you know. So my speech is definitely going to be a quick and short one.

Well, first of all, I would like to… ooops, think I just forgot that I am married today, it should be “on behalf of my wife & I”…

Thank you all, especially those who fly in all the way from other countries for joining us here today to celebrate our big day! It’s a privilege to be in the company of so many people that are important in our lives and we’re delighted to welcome you here to share our special day with us.

Unfortunately, it’s not been possible to have everyone we love here with us today, including our precious tua pui lucyfurr, monster oreo and Chelsea girl who must be destroying the house right now. And to the rest, we know they’re here with us in spirit & they’re not only in our thoughts today, but more importantly they’re with us in our hearts.

We would like to thank you all for your generosity and the fantastic gifts you have bought for us. I can’t tell you how much they mean to us……… I will however be informing you in due course once I have had chance to list them on eBay!

“We” have been planning this wedding for about a year. Well, I say “we”, my wife Jocelyn actually did all the work, as one of the best things about being a man is that weddings seem to organise themselves. So to Jocelyn and everyone else who has helped organise today I would like to say a big thank you.

Of course the biggest thank yous of the day has to go to our respective parents and newly formed in laws. I would personally like to thank my parents for bringing me up so well, giving me the best possible start in life and helping to shape me into the person I am today. So, if this speech is offending anyone – blame them! And also to my parents in law, for letting me marry your daughter and welcome me into the family.

The next set of people we’d like to thank are the jimuis / bridesmaids, you girl did a very good job this morning and it is such a memorable experience for us. We will revenge soon.

Unfortunately, we can’t mention the bridesmaids without saying a few words about the best man and groomsmen! It’’s a bit of an unwritten rule at a wedding that under no circumstances must any of the best man or groomsmen look more handsome than the Groom – so cheers lads for making sure that that was never in danger!

Next, we’d also like to thank our witnesses, Paul and Aileen; Jennifer, Nicky and Simone for all your help in making today such a beautiful day.

A quick thank you also to all our wedding vendors who make our wedding day such a memorable occasion in our life. What a fantastic job you guys have done today. Thanks everyone!

Now, I would like to personally thanks my lovely wife, Jocelyn for agreeing to lower her standards enough to become my wife! My dear, you look absolutely stunningly gorgeous today. I was genuinely speechless when I finally got into your room this morning, after being ‘bully’ by the bridesmaid. You’re the love of my life, you are so beautiful, caring, sexy, smart, loving and (pause)… what’s that my dear, I can’t read your handwriting… I am incredibly proud to be able to call you as my wife. Thank you for having me as your husband!

I read somewhere that “You don’t marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you cannot live without”.

As many of you may not know, we actually met in the plane while flying down to Kuching from KL for my sister’s wedding at 5 years ago. She was seating on my seat as I was the last one who went into the plane and she thought that nobody is seating next to her. She gave me back my seat, then I borrowed the paper from her, after that start talking to her because bored in the plane. We exchanged hp no after that and I called her immediately at that night itself… just like any Hong Kong drama.

Jocelyn and I have a relationship where we could spend every waking minute together and not get bored. We both have very different interests, mine is games and games, Jocelyn is cooking and spending time with three cats, but our main interests are each other.

We have also gone through a number of obstacles in these five years time. Like what I always say, love is just like a ride on rollercoaster, it has its up and down. Without going through all these, we won’t know how much we love each other or learn how to appreciate what we have.

And planning our future together………… well Jocelyn plans it and I go along with it. Anyway, I hope we will be blessed with a football team very soon because I know she would be the best mum in the world.

Once again we would like to thank you all for coming here today, it truly would not have been the same without all of you, probably only a bit cheaper. We will go around later and speak to you all today.

Thank you very much and the most important is, enjoy yourself tonight

By the way, if there”s anyone who I”ve left out I”m genuinely sorry, it isn”t because Jocelyn and I don”t appreciate you, it”s because I”m old and useless!

I was very confident before the wedding that I can still deliver a good speech without a draft. But in reality, I am wrong. For certain unknown reasons, I was nervous that night. So our advice to all soon-to-be wed couple is, you must prepare your speech in advance. All the guest will expect to hear something touching or special from you, not just the typical two to three sentences kind of speech. Just google for some resources on how to write a wedding speech if you have no idea where to start off. You will find it useful!

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Wedding Bliss: Chapter 8 – Garden Reception @ Passion Road

Both of us didn’t really survey around town for the right reception venue. The main reason is Her Majesty already stated that she doesn’t want any typical wedding banquet in a Chinese restaurant nor hotel ballroom. So only choice left is romantic garden wedding unless if we want to make all our guest to go Port Dickson which is an hour drive away for a beach wedding.

The idea of garden wedding has been introduced to Malaysia for years but many people still prefer an indoor wedding where you don’t have to worry about the weather. It can spoil the plan if it rains but we also believe that our prayer will be answered by God.

Given limited venue choices, our decision to choose Passion Road is almost confirmed when Her Majesty first brought me there (or should i say she already decided to choose Passion Road when she first went there at two years ago?). To secure the venue availability, both of us were so ‘kia shu’, booked and paid deposit immediately, even before our pre-nuptial inquiry and church booking.

The colour of table clothe, table runner and chair ribbon express the theme well.

Her Majesty emphasized that she wants something that’s contemporary yet elegance for the decoration. Oh yes, she is definitely a very fussy bride to work with but the in-house florist of Passion Road really did a very good job on this too as the bride has no complaint on anything at all. It’s just such a beautiful whimsical garden wedding in the city center of KL. So romantic. So chic.

For something different, we choose to serve Western buffet so to save the hassle of calling everyone to confirm their choice of main course or worry that the set menu cannot please everyone’s palate. Everyone seems to enjoy it more when they can just move around freely.

We received many compliments from our guest on how different and lovely is our wedding reception from the others. The venue, decorations, food, wine, entertainment… etc and etc. The weather was very hot that day, but it doesn’t stops our guest from enjoying themselves, everyone had a memorable Saturday night with us. It’s extra meaningful to hear such compliments from some of our friends who are regular guest of glamorous society event in town, and two professional wedding planners. The biggest satisfaction ever when the bride’s dream garden wedding comes true.

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Wedding Bliss: Chapter 7 – Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

This marriage of ours is a mixed marriage. Why I say so? Well, first of all, I am an iban and Her Majesty is a chinese. I am an Anglican while she is a Catholic. To overcome all the cultural / religion difference, we decided to have a modern wedding instead by not following any tradition, except the tea ceremony as my in law wanted to present us the wedding gifts. While for the religion part, it’s not an easy matter. To us, although we are from different church, still we are believing in one God only. Her Majesty never ask me to convert at all, she said I would do so if I am touched by the Holy Spirit and it should a calling from God, not anybody else. But for a Catholic to have a wedding in non-Catholic church, we will have to go through those procedures which we found it to be very troublesome. This is how we ended up decided to tie the knot in Catholic church instead.

As part of the procedure, both of us attended the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) in August 2009 at St. Joseph Sentul before went for pre-nuptial inquiry at Holy Rosary. The journey wasn’t easy at all, but thanks be to God, we went through everything and overcome all the obstacles. This is why Her Majesty always says that the most meaningful and important agenda in our wedding is the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony (church ceremony) where we are united as one body, in God’s house.

The bride of 9am session was so kind to share all the decoration with us.

Holy Rosary is the only Catholic Church in KL, left standing with awesome interior.

Normally the bride and groom are suppose to go church separately. Again, we did it in a different way, where I drove my lovely bride to the church.

My FIL walked their only child into the church

Then he hand over the daughter to me

My colleague Ezra did the reading for us

Msgr. Daniel officiated the sacrament. He is very strict but very friendly too.

Saying ‘I do’ in the presence of God

Exchange of wedding ring

Unveil the bride

Nuptial blessing for the newly wed

I cannot receive holy communion so Msgr. Daniel just blessed me

After that we proceed to the side table for signing of the marriage register. As predicted, Msgr. Daniel asked is that all about my signature.

Photo session before marching out. As mentioned earlier, HRC has a very strict rule for wedding and this is a very good example, only 3 shots are allowed in the church before march out – newly wed with the celebrant, newly wed with their parents and celebrant, newly wed with the wedding entourage.

Now we are officially husband and wife… the joyous moment in our life!

Group photo session with friends and colleagues at the outside of the church.

The bride tossing her bouquet. Normally the ladies will fight to grab it but surprisingly, they didn’t. As if they all want to stay single for the rest of their life.

Now is the groom’s turn. Who says groom cannot toss the bouquet for the guys? Nothing wrong right since we prepared extra bouquets for tossing.

We went into the church for more photos with family and friends before a closing portrait shot with Louis. Actually many of our guest never attended any church wedding before and this was their first time. Although most of us are typical Malaysian who are always late, we are still very happy to see you all here with us. May the love of Jesus Christ be with you all always!

On a separate note, just to share with you on our selection of hymns for the ceremony.

Bridal entrance: Canon in D Major

Entrance hymn: O Perfect Love

Responsorial psalm: As the deer

Communion hymn: Spirit Song

Thanksgiving hymn: Shout to the Lord

Signing of the marriage register: Ave Maria (Solo)

Recessional music: The bridal march

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