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Travel Bugs

Two travel bugs are flying off in another half an hour time, to beautiful Saigon.

Will update this blog whenever we have time. Stay tuned!


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Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 17 – It’s the end

The trip has finally come to the end. We woke up very early at 5am+ like what we did for past few days, get ready, final round of packing then went down for breakfast before our driver come at 7am.

Perhaps God was sad that we’re leaving, that’s why it started to rain after we reached Tao Yuan International Airport. My stomach also started to be upset, reject the food we bought for breakfast. These are just the signs of ‘we love Taiwan very much’.

Our next trip back to Taiwan should be not to long from now, I suppose. Many places that we have yet to explore and let it touch our heart.

At the meantime, next honeymoon trip is coming up in less than 2 months time. Her Majesty already warned me to be prepared as it is a third world country. No mcD, no MRT. Do we travel too often? I doubt so. If we are not going to do it now, it’d be hard once we have a baby. Looking forward to journey with Her Majesty… very soon.

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Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 16 – Cats & Dogs

Way back during our trip to Taiwan, we met many people from different background and all in all, Taiwanese are very helpful and friendly. Only minority of them can speak English, but they will still try their best to help when you need it. Taiwan girls are sweet too. They can melt your heart. Good food are everywhere but you can hardly see fat people like in Malaysia.

Apart from the people there, their pets pleased us too. Dogs especially are easily seen everywhere. They are not any ordinary stray dogs but some expensive breed like shiba inu, golden retriever, husky and labrador retriever. They are so obedient following their master, a real human’s best friend.  If I am staying in a country with cool weather like this, I am sure I would keep at least one as well.

Obviously Taiwanese love dog more than cat. We only see cats at places like Jiu Fen, lying down there outside the house, lazy for anything.

We spotted these two typical fatty in a pet shop that we went. We were stunned for a second, is it an actual cat or a piggy? I always complaint furfur is fat and i get tired of carry him going up of the staircase, yet these two are even worst.

They are just too fat for me, no thanks^_^

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Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 15 – Shih Lin Night Market

Taiwan is famous for its night market and the most famous night market in Taiwan is certainly Shih Lin. Ask any tourist who have been to this piece of land, he / she will sure tell you about this night market but not the others. I don’t deny that it’s commercialize and crowded compare to Liao Ning or Shida, but wait, you just can’t find any reason why you dislike this place because it’s truly a food heaven. That’s why we visited here twice.

The first time when we came to Shih Lin, it’s on weekday and raining. Most of the stalls were not open and not many people on the street too. Despite the rain we went on to look at the sight and bought some delicacies but in the end it got heavier, thus we had no choice but to seek shelter.

I love the way the food stalls do their presentation

Say ‘cheese’ for being cheesy

This oyster mee sua has more than 30 years of history but we’re not keen to have a try at all. We had so many before this we wanted to save our stomach for something else instead.

Reason being is because there are many other food that we never see it before. For instance, Taiwan’s version of tempura. It’s not the fried one, but more like our yong tau fu with a special spicy sauce.

Grilled chicken meat roll stuffed with vegetables that we found that it’s so weird, must be the vege that they used

Authentic Shanghai pan-fried pau… awesome!

Because most of the stalls weren’t open during rainy days, so we didn’t get to see much things here. While walking to the MRT station, we passed by a very huge market.

We are as curious like cats, so we went in and discovered it is actually a food court with hundreds of food stalls!

Only if we discover this place earlier, we won’t stuff ourselves with those street food at Shih Lin Night Market. Wait, did I tell you that this food court is also call Shih Lin Market? Look at the giant pork sausage they have here, it’s so tempting.

Big crackers wrapped small crackers… sounds similar to Big sausage wrapped small sausage. But this one come with many different flavours like peanut, yam, curry, spicy, sesame and chicken floss.

We told each other no matter what, we must come back to Shih Lin again before we leave Taiwan. And so, we’re here for dinner on our last night. We must have forgot it’s Saturday night, the food court was so crowded not to mention we were carrying many stuff. But we’re still glad that we managed to get a table for two.

We must now eat like a king as this is our last dinner in Taipei. Oyster omelette, pork liver soup, devil soup… are all on our table.

The most special dish is this thing called ‘coffin toast’. I have no idea why is it called coffin but base on our analysis, it is most probably because there is a hole in the middle of a thick toast to fill in all the ingredients. We tried this once in Malaysia which cannot be compare to Taiwan’s version. The toast isn’t soggy at all.

After filling up our stomach, we went for a walk at the street. It’s as crowded as the food court earlier with more stalls as well. This particular stall looks interesting to us.

Herb juice = my juice

Uncle was busy grilling the pepper pork bun that we love so much.

Looking at these photos now make me miss Taiwan and what it has. So I can only go to Sri Rampai pasar malam on every Thursday to make myself happy, and keep on talking about Taiwan everytime i do, but… only if I am staying in Taiwan…

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Honeymoon in Taiwan – Chapter 14: National Palace Museum & Xi Meng Ding

Day 7 in Taipei can be considered as the last day going around in Taiwan as our flight on the following day is in the morning. So not to waste the precious time we have, we woke up very early, went out for breakfast at mcD then head on to another must visit attraction – National Palace Museum.

We were once confused by National Palace Museum and Palace Museum in China. In fact, the National Palace Museum and Palace Museum, located inside the Forbidden City in China, share the same original roots, which was split in two as a result of the Chinese Civil War.

It has a permanent collection of over 677,687 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest in the world. The collection encompasses over 8,000 years of Chinese history from the Neolithic age to the late Qing Dynasty. Most of the collection are high quality pieces collected by China’s ancient emperors. In 2009, it was the 11th most visited art museum in the world. The displays are rotated once every three months, which means only 60,000 pieces can be viewed in a year and it would take nearly 12 years to see them all. A good reason for me to re-visit Taipei again.

I was really having fun walking around and admire each piece of antique that I always see in National Geography Channel, History Channel and etc and never thought that I can now finally see the real one in Taiwan itself, not China. It’s be even better if there were less tour group going around at the same time with us. If I am given a day here, then I will be able to touring all the floors and sections. By the way, all visitors have to deposit their handphone, camera and video cam at the locker before enter the exhibiton hall that’s why I have no photo here to share with you.

I wish I could stay there longer, still, we have to make a move to Xi Men Ding, the favourite hang out spot of the youngsters in Taiwan to complete some missions.

We always thought that youngster in Taiwan always dress like Japanese, but in fact they are not. So far we only see this kind of so called la la fashion in Xi Men Ding, not other places in Taipei.

Besides clothes and fashion accessories, there are many other stuffs that you can find. For eg, this small shop that specialised in handmade umbrella only.

This stall is selling neck tie and bow tie for cats and dogs. We grabbed one for furfur.

Didn’t I mention food as well? For eg, this black sesame apam balik.

More grilled quail eggs, it is a nice food to grab while walking around but if you do not mind the high cholesterol go ahead and try it.

Oh bubble tea ya bubble tea! This is where you’re origins from so how can I miss you out? The 1st time i tried this type of drink was during my college years back in Kuching is still now ever popular in KL.

This is the shopping center that I love the most in Taiwan. They have almost everything that I want. Games, Collector item toys, food, everything that I want. The only reason i see myself flying back to Taipei again.

Needless to say, I walked away with all my favourites, a force fx lightsaber and many X-box games. It’s just too cheap till you won’t believe it. Guys, for a peaceful shopping, just let your wife sit down at any drinking place, surf net and trust me, you’ll have a big smile on your face eventually. I love Taiwan^_^

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Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 13 – Liao Ning Night Market

In Taipei itself, there are many night markets but it can be divided into two categories: tourist spot and non-tourist spot. For sure, the later one won’t be that crowded compared to the earlier one. Just like what we experience at Liao Ning Night Market.

Although we have a map in hand, but it doesn’t really help as there are too many tall buildings and streets / lanes in the city itself that might not be indicated in the map. So the only best way to look for it is to ask for local’s help while refering to the map. Again, if you know how to speak mandarin or hokkien, then it’d be easier as only a very minority of Taiwanese can speak English. And finally, we’re here.

There are some very famous restaurants here, especially this roasted goose  and seafood restaurant. Full house!

Different from other night markets that I have been to in Taipei, at Liao Ning St., you can just sit down at the stall and enjoy your food, not take away.

We dare not to put a very high expectation when we ordered this oyster soup. As we all know, oyster can be very smelly if it’s not fresh or handle properly. However, credits go to this soup that completely won our heart. It’s boiled with generous amount of shredded ginger and that generous amount of oyster are so juicy and fresh.

Oyster omelette is always our all time favourite. We have tried it in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and now Taiwan. What’s make the later one different is they use green vegetables as another main ingredient too.

Moving on to the next stall, now it’s a noodle dish that we ordered. I was slowly getting use to how Taiwanese serve their noodles, very minimum of ingredients without compromising on the taste.

Didn’t I mention before that I have sweet tooth? So Her Majesty got me this very refreshing crushed ice with jelly and sago. I LOVE it!

While we were on our way walking to the MRT station, we saw KFC and immediately went in without second thought. The fried chicken and pork burger are good but still can’t beat this portugese egg tart with caramel and cream.

Oh yes, it’s certainly a fun and food filled day for us. And I got a hooters t-shirt too before finally deciding to go back to our crib, i got to say the Taiwan girls here was a good sight for the guys and compared that to other Hooters i have been too. Yay, now i got what i wanted, time to go back and rest for another adventure.

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Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 12 – Taipei Zoo

Before we went to Taiwan, one of Her Majesty’s colleagues who just got back from Taiwan told her that we must pay a visit to Taipei Zoo since we have a week of luxury time in Taipei. We scheduled this visit during our third last day in Taipei, when our body’s battery are almost running low.

To get to Taipei Zoo from Taipei city center, one can take the MRT but have to transit for several times, take the bus or for those who are lazy like us, just grab a cab. This is also the fastest way and tourist friendly was for those tending to get lost.

Taipei Zoo was founded in 1914, when Taiwan was under Japanese sovereignty. It is the most famous and a leading zoological garden in Taiwan in terms of the efforts on recreation,conservation, research and education, it is also the present largest zoo in Asia.

Unlike those zoo which I know in other countries, this zoo is only charging NT$60 for the entrance fee. It’s really very cheap! By paying this little, we spent a whole afternoon there, enjoying the display of animals from Taiwan, Australia, Africa, the Asian tropical rainforest, the desert, and the temperate zones. The zoo also displays domestic animals in its Children’s Zoo, as well as over 12000 birds of over 130 species in an aviary. Other exhibitions in the zoo include an insectarium, amphibian and reptile house, penguin habitat, koala habitat and nocturnal animals display.

The two panda, tuan tuan and yuan yuan are a gift a gift from the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of China (Taiwan) in 2008.

By the way, the Family Mart in Taipei Zoo is selling this very yummy lunch bento. Give it a try whenever you come down to Taipei Zoo! ^_^

Opening Times

  • Open year round ever day (except for Chinese New Year’s eve).
  • Zoo Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (no entry after 4:00 p.m.)
  • Animals Exhibit: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (indoor and outdoor exhibits)

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