Cooking with love – Chapter 1: My wife is a good cook

I am always very proud that I have a lovely wife who can cook well. Isn’t this one of the reasons why I fall in love with her? But, those who knows her family background will always get shocked, how can this only child in the family cook? Well, my mother in law is a good cook, same goes to my wife’s late grandmother who hailed from Indonesia. Or else, they will stare at me and say “your wife can cook ah?” because to many people, youngster now a day won’t know how to cook or never even step into the kitchen.

Well, after years of knowing her, I just knew that actually she started to cook during her college time. According to our good friend, Jo who was her roommate in the hostel, Her Majesty was using a rice cooker to cook many dishes other than rice. Braised, fried, steam, boiled… who says it is impossible.

Until today, cooking has been part of her life. She will always wake up at 6am+ to prepare the stuff and cook. In another word, we hardly eat out because she doesn’t like those food that contain ajinomoto (we never buy any ajinomoto at all) and of course, to save money because most of the food outside can be cooked by her, and i am running out of options, unless it is mamak or malay food.

Apart from eating at home, she will also prepare lunch bento for me. So some of my colleagues are always curious want to see what is in my lunch box and even want to try it out.

And because of I have a lovely wife who can cook good food, now I am having problem when we eat out because I will not want to order any dish that she can make, so sometimes we will be just sitting there and don’t know what to order whenever she ask me what do i want.

From now onwards, I will start sharing the photos of good home cooking here with all my readers (be ready to get hungry!). However, Her Majesty is reluctant to share her secret recipe with anyone although some of the recipes are taken from somewhere else and modified to suit our tastebud. Reason being is, we have other plan in mind.

Braised chicken with fermented rice

This is a Foo Chow specialty that Her Majesty is in love with since she was a little girl. I still remember how I react when I first tried this but now, I am also in love with it too especially if is infused with rice wine.

Steamed rice with Japanese curry

Japanese curry is probably the most healthiest curry I ever know because no cooking oil is used at all in making this dish. Thanks to our Korean friend HyunJu, Her Majesty can make good Jap curry now.

Steamed rice with braised minced pork meat

If you have read my travelogue, you should have remember that how much both of us fall in love with this dish in Taiwan. Well, when your favourite food isn’t available in your country the only solution is to google for the recipe and cook it yourself. Something simple when the cook is in the lazy mode.

Sambal sotong

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, cooking sambal is definitely something that Her Majesty never came across in her family. She picked up this dish all because of me who loves to have sambal. My aunt taught her once. Few years later, her celebrity chef friend shared his secret recipe with her that she is refering to now. Once you know how to make the basic sambal, it won’t be hard at all to modify it become another dish like sambal sotong.

Stir-fried mushrooms with abalone sauce

I don’t really fancy mushrooms so she only cook this favourite dish of hers once a while.

Steamed fish Teoh Chew style

I am just like my fatty FurFur who loves fish! Even though Her Majesty is allergy to most of the fish but didn’t we always say best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach? After few times of trial and error, finally she has mastered the skills of making good steamed fish. I can never have enough of it, more please…

Ok, time to get ready and attend a Malay kenduri. TBC with more food photos, stay tuned.


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