Oreo, please come home!

Dear Baby Oreo,

It’s been 72 hours since you went missing. And we still miss you like a crazy…

You know, your mummy is so depressed since that day onwards. We walked all around the neighbourhood to look for you, calling Oreo, Oreo. Your mummy couldn’t even sleep on that night, hoping you’re just too enjoying yourself outside with other cats, and will be home the next day morning. She cried… she cried for many times already.

Your mummy always says, you’re the most handsome and smartest cat she ever had. You’re not an ordinary cat, although you’re just a stray cat we found in the wet market. We miss you acting cute when you want something from us, we miss you fighting with fur fur to get our attention, we miss you hugging Chelsea and licking her, we miss seeing how much you enjoy your crackers every time when we refill the bowl, we miss you destroying the kitchen towel and packed biscuits on the kitchen cabinet, we miss you sleeping next to us at night, we miss you occupy the bed for yourself only, we miss you accompanying your mummy taking shower, we miss you calling us when you come home, we miss bringing you for car ride, we miss you waking us up if we are late, we miss you… we really miss you. Yes, you’re naughty, you’re hyper but we just simply love it!

We are still hoping that there will be a miracle and hear your voice again after you have enough fun out there. Fur Fur and Chelsea are looking for you too, you know that? I am sure you don’t want to see your mummy depressed too.

Waiting for you to be home, XOXO.


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