Star Wars FightSaber Cosplay – Sneak Preview

Aperture: f/6.3; Focal length: 10.67mm; ISO: 800


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Wedding Bliss: Chapter 10 – Photobook

It has been 4 months past our wedding and yet, to us, it is still not over yet. Whenever we are out to meet friends, some of them will remind us to bring our wedding photo album.  I am sure many of us have heard from our married friends also about how thick and heavy is their wedding album, so instead of showing it to family and friends, the album is now resting underneath of their bed instead.

When we signed up for our pre-wedding and actual day photography package, we didn’t choose to have any wedding album. Reason being is very simple, we prefer to have something not bulky that is convenience to bring it around. So then we decided to make our own photobook.

Photobook Malaysia has been introduced to Malaysia market at few years ago. You can just download the software then start doing your own page layout then submit it via online. A week later, it’ll be delivered to your door step. One thing we like about Photobook is it’s handmade with using only premium quality paper and printing method, for long lasting beautiful images.

Not only that, there is no limit on maximum no. of pages so you can put as many photo as you like. Imagine a couple like us who got almost 3,000 photos from our official photographer, how torture will it be if we can have only 48 or 100 photos for our album.

We are very satisfy with the final product received, thumbs up to Photobook Malaysia.

Before I end this post, let’s share with you this very meaningful fact quoted from ShenSnaps Photography, “Wedding album is the only physical asset you posses after the whole celebration which keep your good memory alive for the rest of many years spend with your loved one, and pass down to your children, grand children and even great grand children… There the longer the photo albums are properly kept, the more precious they are to you and to many generations.”

For more information on the photobook, please log on to

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6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak @ Happy Mansion

I get to know this place at few months ago but only get to try out their food by myself last week. I am totally in love with it till I make a second visit today and this place, is no other than 6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak at Happy Mansion, SS17, which is endorsed by my favourite 8TV show “Ho Chak”.

Just like what the name tells, nasi lemak is their signature dish. Choose your preferred side dish from the menu – which includes chicken curry, mutton curry, beef rendang, sambal sotong, or for something more unusual, pork rendang or pork sambal. You can also opt for as many side dish as you want. This is my first time trying out pork sambal that would be greater after you squeeze the lime juice on it. Slight spicy plus sour… very appetising. Of course, their selling point here is still where to get sambal and rendang that is cooked by using pork? Unfortunately the pork rendang finish already, so be an early bird if you don’t want to be disappointed and the place was already so packed when we reached there.

Or for western cuisine, the lady boss highly recommend the red wine pork ribs (RM32.90) to us. The pork ribs is first marinated with red wine for many hours before grill to perfection and served with pineapple sauce, mash potato and some other vegetables. Its generous portion is enough to be shared by two persons.

Another equally worth to try dish is the ham steak with egg that costs only RM12.80.

While waiting for the main course to be served, we had a bowl of the creamy homemade mushroom soup (RM4.50). Yum yum…

So if this post make you feels like driving there right now, wait, this place has certain opening hours. Although it is name 6 to 10 but it doesn’t means that it only opens from 6 to 10. Be there early to avoid disappointment too.

6 to 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak, BG-1, Block B, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya.

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Restoran Bah Kut Teh Yap Chuan @ Klang

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin!

Festive season is once here again and after three years, this is my first time to have a raya holiday and not working. But unfortunately there is no rendang, sate or lemang for us as all our Malay friends are celebrating Raya in their hometown instead of KL. So there we went for Bah Kut Teh at Klang since Her Majesty needs to meet an ex-classmate to collect some stuff.

Honestly, the only place we know that serve good Bah Kut Teh in Klang is Qe Xiang and that’s also the place we wanted to go at first. Who knows, it’s full house and none of the workers bother about us while many other families who were there waiting to be seated. So we just walked across the street to another Bah Kut Teh shop which we have no idea how good it is.

I must say that the service here is much better compare to Qe Xiang. Despite of being busy, the waitress immediately attended to us and told us to wait for a moment to be seated. We noticed that many families who were being ignored at Qe Xiang like us also came to Yap Chuan.

Our food was served within 5 minutes after we placed our order, the service here really impressed us. First served on the table is the claypot bah kut teh with pork ribs, intestine, beancurd skin and lean meat. The strong aroma of the herbal soup really satisfied my appetite.

Besides that, we also ordered another small portion of their award-winning dry bah kut teh. This dish is said to be created by the taukeh’s son when he was 14 years old during the Bah Kut Teh’s King Competition at 4 years back. Since then, this dry bah kut teh has become the signature dish of this dish.

As it is dry bah kut teh, so for sure, there is no soup at all. The pork ribs and pork intestine are first boiled in the herbal soup for hours before it’s transferred to a big wok, and fried together with other ingredients like ladies finger and dried cuttle fish. Dark soya sauce and cooking wine are added in to enhance the aroma.

Even though it can’t replace the normal bah kut teh but sometimes, if a new recipe is something different yet good, why not give it a try. Well done to this 14 years old boy who makes me had three plates of rice at one go. And of course, the most important thing is curiosity didn’t kill the cat. Definitely will be coming back here again with family and friends in the future.

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My favourite food in town V – Kiew Yee Teow Chew Fried Kueh Teow

It’s a long weekend but unfortunately, my car got towed on last Thursday and I can most probably claim it back by tomorrow. Perhaps God says I am too spoilt by the car already, so is time for me to take the public transport these few days. Well, it has been so long since the last time we took lrt together to town. And we can only go to certain places that are easily accessed by LRt, for eg pasar seni and bukit bintang.

So as usual, it is Her Majesty’s weekly routine to do grocery shopping at wet market on every Saturday. She does cook almost everyday, for our breakfast especially and bento lunch for me. With no car to go around, we can only take LRT to Pasar Seni which is within walking distance to the wet market at Petaling Street.

Our regular spot for breakfast is always the beef noodles or porridge that Her Majesty refused  to have it this round. While thinking where to go and what to have, we past by this food court that we have been knowing it for years but never bothered to check it out until recently.

Suddenly, Her Majesty said she just came across a newspaper article featuring the char kway teow here, which has more than 50 years of history and it’s certainly one of the best in town. Char Kway Teow is always my favourite food but we couldn’t get any good one in KL except in Penang and Singapore, else what we get here is always either containing too much full of bean sprouts (taugeh), portion too small, lack of taste or even very oily. So… I must give it a try.

Many of us might not know actually Char Kway Teow is a Teow Chew specialties. Both of us have a very high expectation on this stall, but we just ordered one plate to share.

I never knew also that we can ask for mix kway teow and noodles. Ingredients wise there is not much bean sprouts together with spring onion, cockles, egg and fish cake. And the most important is, the secret behind this very famous dish… a homemade peanut sesame sauce that give it extra aroma. Two thumbs up! Finally i have found a Kueh Tiaw shop worthy of it’s name and worth the visit each time when i drop by.

I can’t express how glad we are to know such a good Char Kway Teow in town with reasonable pricing. A special one with egg and extra cockles at only RM4.80. Thanks my car got towed^_^

Kiew Yee Teow Chew Char Kway Teow (Since 1952) @ Tang City Food Court, Petaling Street. Open Daily from 7.30am – 3.30pm

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Unforgettable, Precious Moments

I know for the fact that most couples-to-be-wed do not know where to begin when it comes to wedding photography. Some may even find it hard to source who is the best photographer to carry out their personality in their wedding photographs. Well, save all the hassle as Signature Weddings will be bringing you weekly updates on photographers that we have sourced from Asia while shedding some lights about wedding photography in a photographer’s point of view. That way, we are sure you are able to know more about them =)

This week, we manage to get in touch with Louis Loo from Deviews Production. To illustrate his work, Louis had sent us some awesome pictures, to share his approach in wedding photography with all of you. So grab a comfy chair or stool if you must, but whatever you do – be sure to pop into the gallery from our directory for more inspiration from this week’s feature photographer! A big thank you to Louis! =D

Let’s get to know him shall we?

Deviews Production:-

What inspired you to be a photographer?
It’s the chance to meet with people from all walks of life. Being in the heart of heart-warming memory-making moments is the best experience.

What is your preferred style?
I like to be candidly artistic. I would like the photographs that I have captured, evoke back the joys and wonders that couples once shared with their loved ones on that very special day.

What are the challenges you faced during a photography shoot?
Trying to fulfil the needs of each different client. In order to do this, I usually meet and discuss with my client before the actual shooting takes place. It helps to minimise any miscommunication and avoid misunderstanding – as well as hiccups along the way!

What should a couple look into when deciding on their wedding photographer?
They should find a competent photographer who is versatile and able to conceptualise in that manner. Secondly, the photographer must be someone who is good at handling two-way discussions and decision-making.

What are your best tips?
Research. Find out as much as you can about different styles and photographers. You can survey the media (newspaper, internet, magazine, etc.) to find them.

It’s important to meet with the photographer before making your decision. Don’t pass this up if you can help it.

Where is your favourite location?
Hmm.. That will be South Korea. It is a dynamic country that keeps its traditions and culture in a natural way. The fact that it’s a country of four seasons suits my style of shooting perfectly. I grew comfortable with its weather as the four seasons allow me to create different ideas and perspectives in photography by utilizing the look of those different seasons, crafting visually stimulating and emotive images for couples to remember by.

If you like Louis’ work and want to know more about him, you can send your enquiries to Deviews Production today!


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Honeymoon in Taiwan: Chapter 17 – It’s the end

The trip has finally come to the end. We woke up very early at 5am+ like what we did for past few days, get ready, final round of packing then went down for breakfast before our driver come at 7am.

Perhaps God was sad that we’re leaving, that’s why it started to rain after we reached Tao Yuan International Airport. My stomach also started to be upset, reject the food we bought for breakfast. These are just the signs of ‘we love Taiwan very much’.

Our next trip back to Taiwan should be not to long from now, I suppose. Many places that we have yet to explore and let it touch our heart.

At the meantime, next honeymoon trip is coming up in less than 2 months time. Her Majesty already warned me to be prepared as it is a third world country. No mcD, no MRT. Do we travel too often? I doubt so. If we are not going to do it now, it’d be hard once we have a baby. Looking forward to journey with Her Majesty… very soon.

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