Beef Noodles @ Jln Tun HS Lee, Petaling Street

Our parents or grandparents always tell us that how good was this or that particular food while they were still young. They also always tell us that we can never get that particular food which taste as good as how it was many years back. However, sometimes they might be wrong also.

Situated at Jln Tun HS Lee, Petaling Street, Lai Foong Beef Noodles started its business ops in 1956. Although it’s just a small stall inside an old coffee shop, but this place is always full with people, especially on the weekend and public holidays.

One thing that make this dish taste good is its soup that is cooked for long hours and used only fresh ingredients. To enhance the taste, chopped spring onion and saleted vegetable are added in. Available in three sizes – small, medium (RM5) and large (RM6), this flavourful noodles is served with a choice of homemade meatball, beef tripe, lean meat or even everything.

Lai Foong Restaurant, 138 Jln Tun HS Lee, Petaling Street (Open 7am). Next to Sinma & opposite Petaling Street.


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