Dim Sum Breakfast @ Zhung Kong, Jln Genting Klang

We love dim sum, but we haven’t been pampering ourself with dim sum for the past 4 months. Reason being is we can’t get good dim sum like what we had in Guangzhou & Shenzhen, and also we will sure complain about the dim sum quality here.

After months of staying away from this shop despite me always pointing at it when i drive past, finally we were back again two weeks ago to our favourite dim sum place that is located in Genting Klang, we spend our time there while waiting for our cat operation to be done.


Those who are familiar with Genting Klang should know about this place. It is always a full house when comes to weekend or public holidays. Only the early bird will get to enjoy good dim sum there, and good sitting instead of standing up waiting.

As usual, our order would be the mixture os steamed and fried items. The steamed dim sum here like har kaw used to be one of the best in town, but somehow what we get this round really dissapoint us. It isn’t fresh and the size is definitely smaller… ergh… make me miss the dim sum in China only.


Same goes to my favourite char siew pau, something was wrong about it, the taste isnt that great compared to lastime, smaller despite the price hike.  There were few times when I drove past here, I just feel like stopping by to ‘tapau’ their char siew pau.


My all time favourite – sesame ball with red bean paste. My FW doesn’t enjoy it at all, but it was all right, I can finish it all by myself.


Next is the fried carrot cake. So far so good, no comment on this one.


As most of you all know, I am just so much in love with mango. So wherever we go, we will always try to look for any mango creation, like this deep-fried mango and prawn roll coated with oats, a new item on the menu.


This small plate costs us RM5, it is expensive but it’s really not easy to make at all. Doesn’t it looks so tempting?


Now my list of favourite mango food has another one new item again, I will be back for more… and more, and more… drop by and try it out, you will not be dissapointed.

Zhung Kong Dim Sum Enterprise, No.15, Jln Bunga Kantan, Off Jln Genting Klang, Setapak, KL.


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  1. rom

    Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

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